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Before you begin with your well worded policy of non-confrontation with those who do not want to wear a mask and the safety and security of your employees, just stop. The only reason that my husband and I went to Target instead of Walmart, is because my pregnant daughter wanted a specific item that you carry.

We were frequent shoppers before the pandemic, but after seeing the way Walmart enforced the mask requirement with personnel at the entrance, as well as extra staff and no hesitation to call the police for violations, we felt more secure shopping at their stores. On Wednesday, at the Gilbert and Germann Rd store in Chandler, this was confirmed. Your store manager had the sign posted, masks are required to shop here. Carts were being wiped down, sanitizer and masks were available for those without them.

Yet, as a public health professional and a registered nurse I have spent two days this week vaccinating hundreds of people who have been grateful, relieved and overjoyed to get the COVID-19 vaccine. In fact, aside from my daughters request for your Korean BBQ meal, we were also there to get another sympathy card, one more friend we had lost to this pandemic. What a gut-punch to see 3 people in a row walk past us in the card area talking on their phones, no mask, right past two Target employees. So I said, "Excuse me, masks are required to shop in here." The responses varied from, "I have a respiratory issue." from the young adult who was pushing a full cart while talking on her phone, oh the irony!

The adult male just kept walking stating, "It's a personal choice." So, would be leaders of Target? Is it a Personal Choice?

Do you agree that it is a personal choice to infect others?

I am posting this entire email on social media this afternoon and I would just like to know, what is your choice, do you lose the customers that value safety over self, or the customers that like Target because you understand their belief that "it's a personal choice"? -Do you choose to satisfy or safeguard your customers?

- If people truly have a respiratory condition, then they must use curbside pick-up, because you cannot run the risk of them being a carrier or even worse picking up enough of a viral load to become infected.

-If there respiratory condition is that bad, they are welcome to use a ECV or a manual wheelchair and an employee shopping assistant will push them and shop with them to allow them to wear a single face mask, as to not exert themselves and over-tax their breathing.

-Will you place employees at the entrance and not allow people into the store if they are not wearing facemasks?

-Can and will you enforce the safety measures that will decrease the number of cases of COVID-19?

User's recommendation: Don't expect manager to do anything, corporate is spineless.

Monetary Loss: $190.

Preferred solution: Stop being spineless and back up the masks are mandatory policy.

Target Cons: Corporate is afraid to enforce mask in store policy, Uses fear of risk to employee as excuse, Hire more security, Follow walmart example of how to enforce mask mandatory shopping, I was in store for 1 hour counted 21 people without masks in az.

Location: 3931 South Gilbert Road, Gilbert, AZ 85297

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Yes, I agree! The most disgraceful thing about Target and the masking issue is that many of its employees don’t wear them. It’s time for this store, which I used to like step up to the plate and stop worrying only about its bottom line.


mandates are not laws


Still. Everybody has to follow protocol. It's so bad and sad to see you're stuck onto stupid!


Take this down


As someone who WORKS at target THANK YOU FOR SPEAKING UP ABOUT THIS *** it's *** INFUIRIATING watching people blatantly deny a mask offered to them at the station as they walk in, and having our team just *** let them go. I no longer care if I get fired over it, I have repeatedly confronted guests about putting on a mask. PUT ON YOUR *** MASK, ITS A *** PIECE OF CLOTH OVER YOUR FACE ITS NOT A MUZZLE.


Agreed with you.


Thank you for trying


Take this down


Whatever troll. For speaking the truth.

Nobody needs to listen to people like you! It's so clear you're a anti masker!


To: The Reviewer: i am sorry that you're deal with this internet troll. Brigitte.

She's anti everything. She's dangerous and violent predator.

We are reporting and deleting this troll's comments. I hope and you and your family stay safe and healthy.


To: Brigitte. You're showing yourself who you really are as a person.

We all know you wrote those comments to yourself. And you even admitted this!

It's so bad and sad to see people have to deal with a monster like you. You're the real one that needs prision.


Kevin Richards. U people are wrong.

U people are always going to be wrong. U people need to stay out mea business 4ever. or else. Bye Bye America.

I am not afraid of u people. But if it makes me take you down me.

Then so be it. So stop keeping mea name out our mouths.


Please be aware of Jetson and Sidiona. They are internet trolls coming from the same group who hate people for no reason.

Aka Brigitte and Kevin Richards. We need to report them. As soon as possible. They are terrorists.

And they have criminal comments onto other pages. They are located somewhere into California.


Jetson and Sinora need to stop replying to me and the OP. They are lame and siding with each other.

They make me so angry that I slapped my own grandmother. I feel bad for this woman who is being attacked because everyone makes errors.

Shut up all of you. You made me hit my grandmother.


I do not protect the masks you liar. Mommy needs to slap you across the face the way you slapped your grandmother. She needs to slap you for lying.


It's so bad and sad to see that you're still part of the same hateful/arrogant group which is dangerous/violent. All you are doing is bringing others down for no reason.

Clearly, everybody cannot wait for the police to locate you until you are found guilty.

And it's so bad and sad to see you're using your victims names. Can't wait for people like you to burn into h...


sounds like you voted for trump. That would explain a lot!


Agreed. They are internet trolls.

They are part of hate group with the leader named "Brigitte." They say the same bs onto other pages. They are very dangerous and violent. They have been banned from you tube and face book. And they have criminal records in California.

We need to find them and report them. They deserve to go to prison. They have been onto the run since the 1990s. It's all over the news and there was deleted videos of their crimes onto you tube!

I am also going to add that this group is under the name "Brigitte" and Kevin Richards. It's not just the same person.

There a whole group of them. This has been confirmed.


Complain to their Corporate Headquarters about this Ask their Corporate Headquarters All of this


I Do Not see Anything justifying a monetary loss of $190 in your complaint What in the world justifies your monetary loss of $190????

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