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Based on availability data from TARGET website pulled today (Huffy Toy Story Bike - Blue (12"))I drove this morning all the way from Bethesda, Maryland to the Falls Church, Virginia store. To my dissapointment (and specially my kid's) they had none in stock. When I complained to the store manager (Andrea), she indicated that it was the Target webpage mistake rather than hers. She claimed "I did not understand your system" where according to her the item number is the same for all toy story products (helmets, skateboard, bicycle, etc) thus she had no responsibility. She also claimed no responsibility on inventory and again blamed the Target webpage (again I am sure there will be thousands of customers being misled like it happened to me).

I have checked the system again and the problem has not been fixed. I am extremely frustrated to have lost 1.5 hours and even worse I am left with no present for my kids.

With managers like Andrea you will find more and more customers following my decision to avoid Target.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Website.

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Coto Laurel, Ponce, Puerto Rico #227434

I think you misunderstood the ETL you spoke with. Different products of the same line do not have the same DPCI or item number.

In many cases, the inventory system is incorrect. Meaning that the website may state that there are say 3 available, but there are really none.

The best way to avoid this issue would be by calling. That way, a team member can verify if there are actually any in the store.

Ara, Bihar, India #226379

Thank you for your comments. I think I did not explain the issue clear enough.

If does not quite matter if you call the store as their codes are the same for any toy story product (if they check the computer it will tell them is available as long as any other related product is available). Thus, you will still be mislead. This is how bad their system is. I am simply repiting here what the Falls Church, VA store manager (Andrea) told me.

So, watch our for TARGET. Not reliable.


The common- sence solution to this problem would be to call the stores to see if they can physically see them in-stock. The websites numbers and even our stores numbers can always be off by one or two or sometimes even 10 or more.

That's what happens when you have some instock team member not doing their job or hardlines team members or flow team putting stuff inthe wrong locations or backstock team members not properly locating merchandice.

There are alot of reasons for the error. You should always call the specific store before you head out on a long drive.

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