I went to buy a tv today at target and they rejected my check, and without reason, cause I have plenty of money in the bank. The tv was $588 dollars,and I only had $500 in cash on me.

the dude that rung me up was like I don't know why it didn't go through, call the number on the back that target printed on the back with the rejection. I went to go to the atm to get more money while I called the number from the parking lot. The lady over the phone said my check was rejected because I didn't have check writing history in target. WHAT?

I immediately went back inside to tell the clerk I wasn't going to get no more cash, and that they could keep that TV.

I went just down the road and wrote a check at best buy, and got a better tv for $499. Forget Target, I'll let my wife keep shopping there, I'm a walmart man anyways.

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People still write checks? Isn't it 2012???


there's something new (well not that new) and MUCH faster, it's called a Debit Card.


This practice is for your own personal protection. Trust me, Target would LOVE to take your money in whatever way possible.

The reason the system does this is to keep people from "borrowing" or stealing your checkbook and making a huge purchase at Target. If you don't have a history of buying items from Target, the system will automatically reject the a large check.

Think of it like your bank's fraud protection system. If you hardly ever use your credit card and then you go out of town and buy a $500 item, they would mark it as fraud and probably put a hold on your account. It certainly is a hassle, but I'm sure you'd be thrilled if there actually WAS an issue.

Sorry about the inconvenience, but just know they really have your best interest in mind!


..wow, don't come to St. Charles county, no one here accepts personal checks.

Actually, I didn't know any businesess still accepted personal checks.

You're fortunate your Best Buy acceptsed it. Besides, Best Buy has a better warrenty plan.

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