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I went to the target in college station Tx and we were told they would honor the competitors ad on diapers and we get to the register and we're told that we were wrong and they wouldn't honor it even after proving we had the correct sale ad! This is the second time that we have been humiliated by target for shopping there.

The management staff was talking loudly over the walkies and we could here them tell the employee that they were not going to help us.

Very rude and unprofessional! I want to be contacted immediately by target to resolve my issues because no one should be treated in such a manner when the store doesn't have their business matters in line and we the customers have to be embarrassed and valuable time wasted!

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First I asked what happened to the comment where you admitted to taking your anger out on your baby in the parking lot and having him or her placed in a foster home because someone reported you? Second as triplet stated telling you no is not the same as being rude. If you cannot afford to diaper your baby you should not be spreading your legs.

First Born Triplet
Markham, Ontario, Canada #839030

Telling a person "no" is not the same as being rude.

Orlando, Florida, United States #837821

Unfortunately not enough detail to know if this was a case where the ad fell under an exclusion of Target's ad match policy. There are actually a number of reasons Target may not match an ad.

Lakemont, Georgia, United States #837678

Not price matching. That definitely stinks, but humiliating, I think not. If you were humiliated by that, maybe you are too sensitive to do your own shopping.


not spending any money at target since the credit card nightmare. having to replace all my credit cards two times was enough for me.

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