Our RED card never came so we used the temporary card they gave us. The clerk said it was no good we had to use the RED card.

We were standing there with over $600 in goods. What were we to do? Leave the cart which we had spent hours filling and let the clerks put it back. We chose to pay with another card and thought that we could straighten out the problem later.

Target said that we made the choice to use another card and were not entitled to the 5% cash back. No one was empowered to override that decision. Bad management decision. Although we will probably shop at Target again we will never trust them to do what is reasonable nor will they be our first choice in shopping.

I would estimate we will spend about $1,000/year less with them for 20 years.

If their profit margin is 7% their hard nosed attitude will cost them about $70/year. That is a bad decision.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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Los Angeles, California, United States #629551

I think it is awesome when people blame a company for something that is their own fault. So you never received your card?

Are you not concerned about that? If you were approved and your temporary card is valid for ten days and you have yet to receive your card, the fact that you are trying to manipulate five percent out of your 600 dollar purchase without using a target card in admirable but when you are denied you cannot condemn Target. You should have followed up... and I would encourage that you still do so...who knows who has that card right now.

Also poor target and their loss of your money...too bad they are currently a multi-million dollar company.

Springfield, Massachusetts, United States #608050

1, a temporary Target card will still get you the five percent.

2, if you don't have your red card or the temporary, it's not Target's responsibility to give you the five percent.

3, Target will always let you return with a receipt and repurchase your items when you have your red card so you can save the five percent and be refunded however way you originally paid.

Biloxi, Mississippi, United States #605106

That's true.

Target only makes money on reasonable customers!

Des Moines, Iowa, United States #604910

You wanted a 5% discount without using the card that entitles you to that perk? It sounds like you are being unreasonable. Stores don't lose money by ridding themselves of unreasonable customers.

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