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I went to target to buy chair covers that were 75% off. They agreed that the product was indeed on clearance but since the register only rung up 50%off the manager Asia told me she could not adjust the price and for me to take it at 50%off or leave the chair covers in the store.I told her I needed the number for corporate and she said she didn't, have it . How are you a manager and you don't have the corporate number.The she said she was giving me 25%off the total price and I should be happy with that cause she didn't have to do that and told me to have a nice night

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Well, what have we learned here? Partners make you happy, and not having a sack makes you jealous!


My mistake you probably do have a partner and I'm sure being with you makes him the happiest cowboy in the world.


Nah, thanks anyway. Unlike you, I have a partner for that, and I'm pretty satisfied.

Try it, you'll be amazed when there are two people involved.

Dude, you don't have any - get over it!


Hey anonymous:










Simon, you can't comment without your little pals speaking up for you? Like I said, man, no coconuts!

Try not to break your neck looking for them - they're not there. BTW: I'm over it.

I got a pair. You need to get over the fact that you couldn't grow any.

clearance prices also vary from store to store - an item 75% at one target could be 50% at another. online prices also differ from in-store.

it's always best to call ahead and ask, or have a team member call another store for you to verify their clearance price on the item. @anonymous, target is not trying to cheat people out of their money.

it's morons like you who don't know how to read, don't ask the right questions and then cry about not getting your way. :cry :cry
Anonymous you are a loser. Get over it. :cry

I am in agreement with lol. Lazy guests like to walk around the store and put random items in spots they don't belong (frozen foods in clothing sections and so forth). Even if you see some thing on a clearance endcap, shelf, etc., does not mean that's what the price is and you must look for the red clearance sticker to verify it.


Shut up anonymous, you f-ing retard ***-g-o-t-t!

You were shopping for an iten @ 75% off and that's what you wanted to pay. I stand in agreement with you; you don't have to get over anything except shopping at Target.

They do this kind of thing often enough that everyone should be warned. What you see advertised at Target is not what you will get at the register. People needed to be warned about Target and you were kind enough to post the warning.

If other people don't like reading your warnings, they need to get over it. :cry
all clearance is priced as marked. there is a number in the corner of the clearance ticket stating what percentage off it is - whether it be 15,30,50,75,90.

if someone just placed it on a 75% off endcap they don't have to give you that 75% off price because the clearance price is stated on the ticket.

it's a seat cover, get over it. :cry

I had an equally bad experience with Target and appreciate you posting your warning. Target will not honor their sales and their return policy is the worst in the business.

Please pass your warning to your friends, relatives and co-workers, so that everyone will know how badly they treat their customers. Thanks for the warning.

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