Would not accept my check for patio furniture..stating Target has a check writring history policy? I was not aware of this...is it posted somewhere or am I the only one that had no idea until I was humiliated to no extreme at the check out!

The "'woman" at Target gave me no info only to call number on back of my check to find the reason..Had nothing to do with my bank or my account..Target would not take my money because I have not written a series of checks. This has to be established over several months of check writing to Target.. Please!!!

Seriously...? Had I known I would have not written a check..oh wait...I will not shop there again...

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Quit living in the past and start paying with a credit card. Checks are a risk for stores and they are taking new measures to minimize the risk.

Don't use a debit card.

If the store makes an error or you number gets stolen the money comes out of your account right away and you have to fight to get it back. With a credit card you can question charges and not pay them if they are fraudulent or for the wrong amount.


I just had the same thing happen to me this weekend and had to look it up to see if someone had ever had this happen to them. Loyal customer for 20 years and I was livid.

This company and store knows me by face is how often I shop here. I am sadden because I love going here because it is my one stop shop but if they can not recognize loyal employees in their system, something has to give.

Uniontown, Ohio, United States #1226842

Same thing happened to me this week. I was really mad.

I have since found out that my bank will not give them my private info so they will not take my check. I was very happy with my bank, not so happy with Target. Because I kept asking for a reason the store Whitch manager told me she would call the police if I didn't leave. Wow!!!

Now I wish I would have been loud and nasty. Never will I walk in Target again!!!

Also, same problem. Check goes through w/o printing e-payment.

Target is the filter, apparently.

Ask online at Corp. HQ and they can explain I hope:)
Me too, in California!

Never have had a problem writing a check... In fact they've been life savers...you can also write over the amount to get cash back which has saved me on several occasions on those "just before payday" situations... I LOVE TARGET n will continue to be a loyal customer!

to Anonymous Uniontown, Ohio, United States #1226844

I have been checking into this. I have found out that your personal bank has given your info out.

That is why they cashed your check. Maybe you should talk to your bank about this.

to Anonymous #1451778

You JUST explained the reason they have policies like this. You can’t FLOAT checks, it’s illegal.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #922364

No they can't take your check but they can get hacked and have thousands of credit card numbers taken

Westfield, Massachusetts, United States #899513

Policy is policy. Get over it or start paying with cash. Simple.

to Lexie North Providence, Rhode Island, United States #1204945

Lexi shut up

to Anonymous Uniontown, Ohio, United States #1226845

Great ideal, or to heck with Target! I went to Walmart and they love my checks!


To everyone saying you won't shop there again, Target definitely isn't losing any sleep over it. You are wasting your breath. Perhaps Wal-Mart is the store for you if you want to act so childish.

to Tash #859159

It's not about shopping there it's the jacked up policy that humiliates people...if she had her ID with her then there shouldn't have been a problem!!and that's not childish.

to Mike #859206

It is childish because she wants them to change the rules just for her. It is childish because she quoted the word woman because the woman could not help her, if anyone should quote the word woman it should be against her for acting like a child.(or the word man if this is a male)

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #898322


to Mike Orange, California, United States #898321

It is childish. Had someone written a fraud check in her name she would be *** about that.

She should have had her ID on her. And to quote the term "woman" is childish as well, especially since she is the one acting like she is seven years old.

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #789752

yes, i had the same experience at a target this week for writing a check for over $200.00 and was refused and the check-out person as i learned later was a manager and he didn't even know this policy. he was very apologetic and gave me $5.00 off and i used my visa , but it made me feel and look as if i was writing a bad check and it was embarrasing.

i don't know anywhere else in indy that has this policy. i told him i could take my business to meijers as i don't have any problem with writing checks there or anywhere else for that matter. it was a BAD experience and i have written checks at target before just not for awhile.

so i'm wondering how long do they keep a history of your check writing???????

Pleasanton, California, United States #741523
So you write a bunch of bad checks and then get offended when finally a store denied you....and drumroll please....based on the fact that you write bad checks! lol. What was your complaint again?

This is you now: :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry
and me: :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz
to head over urmom #859162

So u was there? Do u know these ppl are writing bad checks or are u just don't have sh*t to do so u got access to a keyboard and u just typing..grow up,go play on FB or ig or something

to Mike #859209

You are the one that needs to grow up, bashing everyone who has a disagreement with foul language and insults. You don't have to agree with these replies but an adult does not use profanity and insult others when they don't get a reply they like while a six year old does.

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