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Update by user Mar 19, 2013

Yes It does not say full or starter ink box has printed on it Contents: INK Taget has my cash! full ink cost like $135.00 so even starter ink half has to cost $50.

I was just asking for what I paid for. not to be insulted by *** people and crooks by saying the box was a miss print and also to say no printer any were comes with ink.

Original review posted by user Mar 17, 2013

I bought a Printer from I open the box and no ink in box. on the box says Contents: INK...

I call Target #800 and a supervisor Matthew says no printer comes with INK and the box was a miss print. in 50 years of buying printers always comes with INK! they refuse to make it right and send ink due.

they say return printer but also their policy is wont except anything if box is open. I drive 50 miles a day and go to stores, restaurant's, sub shops and every place i deliver to I will tell my story of getting raped by target each place has several people so if i get one person to think about buying from them.

Monetary Loss: $238.

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All printers come with a ink cartridge or cartridges. It's usually not enough ink to do a lot of printing but they all come with ink cartridges.

There was NOT a misprint, it is likely someone stole the ink cartridge from the printer box you purchased. IHateStupidCustomers likes to take in the A...n,...u..S..and then have spoolge shoot all over his face.

to IHate***CustomersSux #640169

Yeah, yer right. Preach on!

to Anonymous #640330

Oh BTW: You are not only right - you are great for putting these @holes in their places. They love to tell everyone off and put themselves above the rest of us.

Reading, Pennsylvania, United States #639866

this sounds more along the lines a manufacturer problem for either A. not including ink or B.

putting the wrong info on the box. my advice?

just buy some ink and be done with it or call up the manufacturer of the printer. and I'm sure you enjoyed getting "raped" by that supervisor, I'm sure you were willing.

to IHateStupidCustomers #639873
you must be a target employee :zzz give him the $100 to buy the ink.
Los Angeles, California, United States #629524

You know what is awesome about this unbelievable it is. And I mean literally unbelievable because while I believe there is a slight, and I mean slight possibility that the ink was stolen out of the printer before you purchased it, I believe more so that it was your own fault for waiting far too long to try and return it.

What are these employees supposed to think if you've waited a week or more before making the "claim" that no ink was included in your printer.

Personally I would have offered you an exchange for the exact same item and that's if I even slightly believed your story.

to ridi***us #629546

You're right. Your comment is ridiculous. Grow up!

to ridi***us #629606

wow half hour after opening you call the #800 they tell you it don't come with ink. target have to be the stupidest people in the world. same the box is a miss print and say no printer comes with ink.


Even IF ink was supposed to come with it, the cartridges that comes with printers are less than half full. You're really crying about losing $2 of ink, that probably doesn't come with the printer anyway. Grow up.

to Simon New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #625548

Thanks for the update. Target is a corporation full of crooks from the top to the bottom!!

I particularly love it when some apologist for Target comes on to defend Target's lack of integrity by attacking you.

If a person cannot come on and share their bad experiences Target (or anywhere else for that matter), then what good is anyway?

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #624503

Thanks for this posting and warning.

Target would not stand behind my purchases either and ripped me off with a "bait and switch".

When I called the Target 800 number directly from the store, I was told it was my fault for not checking the packages BEFORE I paid for my purchases and left the store with them.

I hope to never have the misfortune of shopping at Target again. But, if I ever do, you can bet large money that before I give them one penny of my money, I will sit right in the middle of the aisle and open EVERY box or package according to Target's corporate policy given directly to me!!

I do hope that you warn people on your routes about your experience with Target. Everyone needs to be warned about their deceptive practices.

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