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I have had the worst experience with customer service. The website advertised that the item I purchased (Xbox 360 4GB Kinect Holiday Bundle) included an XBOX LIVE 3-MONTH GOLD CARD.

In store, that exact item being advertised is pre-packaged by the mfctr and it only included a 1-MONTH goldcard. I inquired with the associate about the difference and was advised to call the target as it may have been a typo on their end. Calling them was the biggest mistake Ive ever made! I spoke with a rep who said that it was not a typo and the adverstisement was correct.

I asked her then what I should do as I only got the 1-month gold card. All other stores (Bestbuy, Toysrus, Walmart) have the exact same price that target does, only they advertised that it came with only a 1-month gold card. That's the main reason why I went to target instead. The rep told me that there's nothing she can do and the website is not false advertising.

I asked to speak to her supervisor as I wanted to get to the bottom of this. Their supervisor, Beth, is the worst!!! I had to explain to her the whole situation and she gave me the same answer: the website is right. She said whatever they put on the website is what the mfctr told them.

She told me to call the manufacturer. As a CUSTOMER SERVICE REP, you'd think they would do what they have to do to straighten the situation but instead, they want the customer to go through the hassle of their own misinformation?? I already had been on the phone with target for more than a half an hour and if I call microsoft and they tell me that target is wrong (which I was 100% sure about), I would have to go through another hour with them. So I told Beth if she could call microsoft but still stay on the line as I speak to them so I don't waste any more time speaking to different reps and relaying everything that had happened.

She simple said "Ok sure! Please hold.." I waited, she transferred me, line rang, lo and behold I was speaking to yet another target rep! wth!!! I was infuriated by this time.

As I explained everything to her, this new rep then told me that there is no way for customer service to make an outside call and that I had to do it. Why wasn't I told that in the first place!? Beth was very unprofessional, most especially being the supervisor too! The new rep, Tanya, who picked up Beth's slack very professionally explained to me that she will make a reference number out of our conversation so after I call microsoft and they verify that target's advertisement was incorrect, whoever I speak with at target will be filled in.

I call microsoft and surprise surprise, there is no such thing as a 3-month gold card in the bundle. Took all their info for reference. Called back target, the 500th rep I was transferred to then tells me that "oh yes, it is a typo." no sh**! So the what now?

Apparently I don't get compensation from all the inconvenience and hassle that put me through because of their lack of knowledge and unprofessionalism throughout the entire situation. They told me to go back to the store and they will take care of it. I went back to the store, lugging the big box I purchased with me. They told me that the problem is the website's and not theirs so they couldn't do anything, and referred me back to the website's customer service.

I called customer serv back and explained it to them, the end of the story is, they said the website made a mistake and there's nothing they can do. No matter how much I told them that that was reason I picked target among all other competitors in the first place. Seemed like they didn't care for the business they got and the business they're losing. I was told that the website and the store are different.

They shouldn't post in their website things that they are promoting too in the store then, like price-matching, return policies, etc as they are different entities in the first place. customer service is the worst. I regret buying from them and they don't care about the customer's satisfaction!

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All of that trouble you went through and all that typing for 2 months of Xbox Live worth $10....unreal

to Simon Park Ridge, Illinois, United States #589525

it's the principle of the matter. obviously, why would people go through all the trouble if it weren't for the principle -- don't false advertise!

why were u even on this page reading the post in the first place? it means there's a message that's been trying to be sent n people actually read it

to Anonymous Biloxi, Mississippi, United States #589541
Thank you Anonymous from Park Ridge, Illinois for realizing that some people who have lost money at the hands of Target don't want it to happen to other people. ,)

The only way to sound the alarm is on sites like this and/or the people we deal with on a daily basis. Thank you for having common sense and the ability to recognize that no matter how many times some commentor decries the postings herein, many people are helped and forewarned by these postings.

:) Thank you again from someone who believes that one voice can make a difference. With your voice of reason added, perhaps Target will get the message to treat its customers and policies with more truthfulness.

8) I appreciate your posting so very much. Happy 2013!

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