This is the worst Target I have ever visited in my 12 years of Target exeperice in multi states (New Jersey, New York, Texas). WHile buying electronic items; they will say that you can return the item in 90 days.

But when you actualluy go to return they will say that the item ie opened and they can not return.

Same item you go to any other store; they will return it in no time. I would never visit this store again ever unless I have enough patience to listen to non sense being talked by their store supervisor Jennifer.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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So you actually can't use Target as a free rental store? Those jerks!

This is the way the wind is blowing these days. Stores are getting tired of being used like a free Rent-a-Center.

These policies are going to spread and become worse.

Don't buy things you plan on returning and you won't have a problem.


If it is a game/dvd/cd/computer software, it is illegal to return if opened. It is also against policy to return items if it is opened and missing pieces.

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