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I won't bore any one with unnecessary vitriol. I will just say that I placed an order via Target.com, and after being notified that my order was "delayed", I decided to cancel it, as it was a gift, and I imagined it wouldn't be delivered in time.

The email I received included a link and indicated I would be able to cancel my order. I was surprised to find no option to do so on the order page, so I decided to call Target.com instead. Long story short, I called, emailed, and responded to multiple people who insisted to me that despite my items not having been shipped yet, I would not be able to cancel my order after all.

I was told several times that nobody was able to contact the shipping department, so they could not cancel my order.

As it stands now, Target.com has charged my credit card, and appears to have no intention of resolving this matter, including refunding me, or shipping my order.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Gift Card.

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So you ordered an item that said "out of stock" (and yes it said that you just and *** and didn't look). What that does is send it directly to the manufacture and they fill the order. So next time look before you order.

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