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I went to buy Bella High Power Juicer Extractor , Item code was - "072041849" at 9:45Pm with my husband. online Product price was $37.49 but store has some specials and display model was priced with $20.98. When I asked store manger to check is this correct then she checked in her system and each store was showing $20.98. I would like to buy that product. But both manger who were available at that time name - Jack (male) and Hannah(female). both were not able to help me. how weird ?

1-I asked them to do price match instore price Vs online price ( and let me pay the less amount that was $20.98 - But no help from their side. They just said - we are sorry, we are not able to help. we have limited access.

2- I asked them let me order online with the same price and i can pic it up from the store as the same product was available in other stores like - altoona within Iowa. - But again they said we are sorry, we are not able to help. we have limited access. blah blah.

3- I asked them to check with other store and if they can send you this product in valley west store. But again same answer.

Now let me share my experience with other store. I went to buy something on thanks giving in jCP home store. product was out of stock. but manager was so helpful. He called so many stores in front of me and give me the same office with free shipping. He asked them to send that product to his store. after couple of days i got that product.

I specially went to buy that specific juicer from target but how weird and irresponsible manger they were not able to help us. If you are a manger then you suppose to help your customer instead of sending them back empty handed. It was weekday and very less customer were in the store. not busy at all. but truly it was my worst experience.

On top of that i forgot to mention they said "still you are getting good deal, bcz actual price of this product is $70 and you are getting it in $37.49. I want to say that girl who want to pay more if your store and your mobile app is saying the price of this product is $20.98. I dont want to pay more.

Help me feel free to contact me if you want more clarification on this issue.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Deal.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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"Purchases made on are excluded from the store's price-matching policy."

Stores don't price match online pricing! Online shopping is cheaper than running a store which is why prices are cheaper online. That is all the clarification you need.

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