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Extremely dissatisfied with Target - worst customer service experience ever!! Placed an order for Princess & Me Elsa doll before Christmas for my 3 yr old - have been patiently waiting for 2 months.

Got an email this morning that the order was cancelled. When I called in, I was informed it was because my payment was declined. The reason it was declined is because it was part of the TARGET security breach and my credit card company had to issue a new number. I'm told it is out of stock now and you cannot fix the problem.

This is completely unacceptable!

I have a 3 yr old that daily asks where Elsa is because this is all she wanted for Christmas. Worst experience with any retail store.

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Ontario, California, United States #786664

Yeah you are right, and my three year old is making me so angry that the last time she asked for Elsa I slapped her. Unfortunately she told her teacher and she was placed in a foster home. It is hard enough being a single parent without worrying about Target messing things up for me.

to Anonymous #787500

That is horrible, It may be hard being a single parent but you have no right to smack your child and blame the situation at Target. I hope that you eventually see through the errors of your ways and get your child back. Until then I hope they keep your child in foster care until you learn to control your temper.

to Anonymous #797245

I know, seriously. Piece of sh*t deadbeat parent. Learn to take responsibility and blame yourself, not Target.


hOPE YOU LEARN FOR NEXT YEAR where not to SHOP!! customer service what is that TARGET hasn't a clue.

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