Hollywood, California
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I cant believe this store how treat us customers. Same thing that happened, we waited for more than two hours and suposedely they gave all the 40 tickets for the TVs, when in the ad says at least 100.

We will NEVER buy anything here again. If you are thinking on buying something, go somewhere else, please, dont waste your money here. The service is rude, they are not helpful, high prices, cheap products. We wanted to give another chance to the store but apparently they are happy lying to the future customers.

I suppose they needed a long lane of people for publicity or something. Please stay away of these crooks

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Hockessin, Delaware, United States #750114

Simon you forgot to add "because I was too lazy to get there sooner."


I didn't get the item I wanted on Black Friday :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry

Grow up!

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #749860

English...English...English.....OMG Atleast learn to whine in proper English.......


Did the other 60 go to the employees? They are some of the very best customers especially with the REDCARD they get an additional 10% off. How many employees will be reselling!!


Anonymous just because someone uses logic to defend a company does not mean they are working for the company. With this logic one could claim that you were fired from the company or they "ruined" your life by arresting you for shoplifting and you are posting negative comments to hurt them. You must be a child to assume everyone works for Target just for pointing out the obvious.


Lots of employees of TARGET on pissedconsumer. They got a part of Greg's bonus to post online he gets millions they get pennies but it still motivates them to CALL OTHER NAMES.

Lawrence, Kansas, United States #749755

This is one of the dumbest comments I've seen on here.So we are supposed to feel bad for you because you didn't score a cheap TV on Thanksgiving. What a tragedy.


I love this post. Serves you right a-hole.


I want your 1st world problems where you whine about a fk.kin TV price discount. Boo fk.king hoo sna.tch


The employees were probably pissed they had to work on Thanksgiving (so pissed consumers could save some money if lucky).


Sorry, you not getting a ticket for a cheap TV isn't a good reason to never shop there again. You didn't get the sale item you wanted, life moves on, get over it.


Since when did not get you wanted equal to being rude?

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