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I have started to notice a trend at Target.. There is never anyone shopping in the women's plus sizes...

why might this be? Well, as you walk toward the women's section you pass the Juniors, misses and maternity sections with people purusing the asiles. Once you get to the Women's section all you may see is a tumble ***. Reason might be that ALL of the other departments boast many "Sale" signs.

The only thing that is EVER on sale in the Women's Plus Department is crappy T-shirts for $8!! Not to mention the selection is poor and the department is only 1/3 the size of all the other departments!!!

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shop same prices for all sizes :) shop for my wife its great!

Unfortunately, there is some truth to the other person's comment. Nowadays, though, there are plenty of alternatives since most Americans are getting heavier.

It used to be a lot worse.

It's really just economics and what the company decides is their target customer (no pun intended, it's a well-known marketing term). Good luck!!


All retail places are going to run sales on sizes their average customer will buy. If you are not that size, you will have to shop elsewhere.

It's just how they operate. I understand the frustration, being tall and thin.


Fat women are supposed to shop at Wal-Mart.

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