purchased ps3 cash and didnt leave with the item got someone elses bag by mistake and there video shows me leave with nothing and they will not help me resolve the problem. why am i suppose to just eat 477.00.

this is completely insane. My kids saved up for almost 8 months for nothing this is complete ***. I am so upset and i cant get a straight answer from anyone. Does any one have any suggestions for me.

Someone please help. i have contacted the corp.

office and yet 5 days later still nothing has been resolved. I am at a lose for words.

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Ummm...How do you NOT notice that you DON'T have a playstation with you???!!?!! I think that your story is full of *** and THAT is why they won't help you. Chances are you don't have the receipt huh?


I've worked at Target for many years, and I find it very hard to believe that they didn't let you have the security tape for a private investigation. There's nothing they can do after the item has left the property. I would ask law enforcement to step in, and review the tape and help you from then on...


It might cost just as much to place the item but you could have a lawyer send a letter asking for copies for the security tape. Big Box stores like that would rather give you the PS3 than risk litigation.

-Good luck


I have a couple of qustions/comment for you..

Why should Target eat the cost? It was your mistake for not taking it with you.

How are they suppose to know who took it?


I have some advice for you....next time check your bags! Why would you spend that much money, and not make sure you have the *** ps3???

That was stupidity on your part big time! I bet whoever got your bag is very happy!

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