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I had ordered 2 different photos, 3 copies of each for a total of 6- SIX- photos for in store pickup at Target. I ordered them the Wednesday before the Friday I needed them and they were supposed to be done in one hour. I ordered them around 10 am. After work, I drove in rush hour traffic to target to pick up the photos. No one acknowledged me for about 20 minutes and as there was a line, I didn't want to go find anyone and lose my place. Finally someone came over and walked right past those of us at the photo counter and went to the returns counter, where there was also a line. The other people in the photo line left at this point, but I continued to wait because I needed those photos- two of which were to be framed as a 30th birthday gift to my boyfriend and one of which was to be used for the photo icing on his cake, for which I'd already ordered and had an estimate and done the work to get. His birthday was Saturday and I was driving 350 miles to celebrate with him and wanted to give him a special and sentimental gift.

I continued to wait for another 10 minutes UNTIL A CUSTOMER IN THE RETURNS LINE (about 4 people back) said to the employee who had finally come over, that I had been waiting longer than any of the people in returns. She finally came over to photo and wihtout even looking for my order said, "The lab is down and we can't process any orders." I explained that I had put my order in 8 hours ago for one hour processing. She said, "Yeah that's what I said. THe lab is down." And she walked away. I never received a phone call letting me know that my order wouldn't be complete, and the multiple times that I tried to call to verify that my order was complete I got a busy signal- each time I talked to an operator (a total of 4 times) and tried to explain that I had already been connected to photo and that no one was answering, they simply transferred me there anyway. No one could tell me when the photo lab would be fixed. no one gave me the courtesy of a phone call to let me know to use a differnet target. This was Wednesday.

Thursday I went again to try to pick up my photos and the lab was still down. They told me to bring in the photos on a memory card. Well the photos are not recent and I don't have them on a memory card. They said check back tomorrow. I explained that this was "tomorrow" and that I had ordered them yesterday for one hour development and that I was leaving town the next afternoon. She told me to stop by in the morning and check.

On Friday morning, I again tried to call the photo lab and had the same run around as on Wednesday. So I left to go celebrate my boyfriend's 30th birthday with no sentimental gift, came up with some lame gift to fill in and had to rush to make a cake and cancel the other cake order since Target had also ruined that.

Despite that I no longer needed the photos, I stopped by on Monday when I was back in town.

There were orders spilling on to the floor and the photo area was a disaster. The girl ignored me for about 10 minutes and finally a coworker came over and called out her name a few times and she turned around. She was nice enough and said that the photo lab had been fixed for two hours. Great!! I exclaimed thinking I would FINALLY get my photos.



She told me to re-do the order and come back AGAIN. All this for 2 photos.

Eff that. Not only am I not re-doing my order, but I'm never going back. For photos. For toothpaste. Nothing. I AM PISSED.

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ok the only thing I have to say here I just because photo an guest service is connected does not mean they are together. photo lab takes a lot of training an u cannot exspect one person to do returns an photo. so if there is a line guest service comes first because u can get that out the way a lot faster to give the person at photo the time they will need.


Quote = “CUSTOMER Service”

“No matter what kind of day your (sic) having, you still should be polite to the customer and treat them fairly.”

Well said. However, if you reread the OP’s complaint you’ll see that on one hand there is poor service from the store, and on the other unrealistic expectations form the guest. The guest goes on (and on and on) about how the lack of one hour photo finishing has caused a cascade of bad things, and that these are the fault of the store. This is a common position of entitlement that difficult guests take when they don’t get their own way all the time, and every time they come into the store.

Quote = “CUSTOMER Service”

"the customer is always right."

Nope. I can’t agree with you on that point. The customer is never “always right”, but “the customer is always the customer” and deserves respectful, prompt, and courteous attention. Anything less and they will vote with their feet and find another place to shop.


I have worked in customer service for enough years to know that employees are providing a service to the customer.You wouldn't have a job if customers didn't buy anything.

No matter what kind of day your having, you still should be polite to the customer and treat them fairly. Yes, I agree she probably should have gone to another company to develop her photos after the first incident, but they also shouldn't have been so rude about it.

There have been sometimes where I know the customer is wrong but (and yes I am going to say it) "the customer is always right."

If I am wrong, fine I am wrong, but look at it this way....I worked in customer service.:zzz


Quote = “may I help you remove”

“I have a message for you. May I help remove the large pole from your &$$!”

So your first attempt to join the discussion is a personal insult? Is that all you can muster?

Quote = “may I help you remove”

“I agree there are better establishments that could have helped this guest, but really your comments are uncalled for”

Really? Do you also agree that the OP has missed multiple red flags that her project was doomed at that particular Target store?

Quote = “may I help you remove”

“I wish you the Karma of every horrible customer service situation that you encounter for your rude and bitter comments to someone who is just trying to warn others of a "potentially" bad situation. Enjoy your lump of coal...scrooge!”

Oh dear. Back to personal insults. You really are hurting your credibility here.

Now, had you brought positive and helpful suggestions to the table we’d have a discussion for grown ups! Alas, you’re not quite up to that caliber yet.

Comments Welcome!


Hey mr.or mrs.

may I help you find something: I have a message for you. May I help remove the large pole from your &$$! I agree there are better establishments that could have helped this guest, but really your comments are uncalled for.

I wish you the Karma of every horrible customer service situation that you encounter for your rude and bitter comments to someone who is just trying to warn others of a "potentially" bad situation.Enjoy your lump of coal...scrooge!


Wow, what a very detailed and irrelevant story!

You had plenty of chances to get your project done at another vendor, but you stuck with Target even when all the signs were there that you would be screwed!

If your BF is turning thirty, are you also of adult age? Do you not know how to locate a photo finishing lab that does a good service? Why are you stuck with the modest service offered by a mainstream retailer such as Target? This appears to be an important project for you, so why not go with a professional photo lab?

Just wondering why you beat yourself up on this one? Target isn’t for everyone. Good luck with your future shopping needs!

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