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I called to find out if Target carried Certain Dry deoderant and was told yes we do . We have 3 types.

Cost $6.99 so since I was near the large big box store at ElCon , in Tucson, I opted to go to it. They did not carry it. That meant I had to drive to the store at Tanque Verde, and indeed they did, but only one kind. Back to the first store, it seems like they never have anything you want.

Like plastic mattress covers.It was explained to me that it is the poor ordering procedure the company has in place. I tend to like Target for what they do carry, and it is so clean and organized. I compare it to Walmart which has a real mess always and is disorganized. However Walmart employs more mature managers, where as Target has younger ones and often not well trained.

But on the whole they have a higher level of clerks.

Back to the original complaints, on the box for the deoderant it says sold only at Target. Not so, it is sold also at Walgreens but for lots more.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Your post sounds like you went to a different store than you called. Items stocked may vary from store to store due to the demand in the neighborhood of the store.

to Anonymous #1499753

That's right, in some neighborhoods people don't use deodorant and proud of b.o. problem

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