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Stopped in to target as I left work today as it was in the same shopping area. They had 12 packs of coke, 3 for $12 but you had to buy three to get the discount.

I am only in town for four days and don't need 36 cans of pop. so I asked customer service if I could get one for the discount price. The answer was no. I left Target and drove out of my way to a local grocery store.

They happened to have 3 for 11 and gave me only one with a smile on their face. Then I spent the rest of my food budget there. I understand totally that they have the right to do specials whatever way they want to.

At the same time, if I know I can get a $5.69 box of pop for around $4.00 which is still high and they can't make an exception with good reason, It leaves me with a frustration which obviously I want to tell others. I also spent the money I would have at Target at another store but I probably will not shop there the next time I am needing something.

Reason of review: No Flexibility.

Preferred solution: Allow your staff to make decisions which obviously effect customers. .

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That's your complaint? Seriously?


Would all of you idiots stop replying to my letter, this is between Target and I. You are all wrong, and I am right her, they should have allowed me to buy one for the discount, yeah I was polite with them, I politely told them that they are *** for not allowing me to purchase just one at the discount, what I should have added was that they kicked me out of the store after I told them I would not be leaving unless they allow me to purchase just one, because at three for $12 one should be $4 and that this was false advertising, they told me that since it stated $5.67.

They had the police on their side and threatened to call the police if I did not leave, and I am a he not a she, and the manager was accusing me of harassing his employee. I never harassed his employee I was very polite only swore once when I was provoked. Maybe twice at the most, and the lady told me to stop because there were children in the store I reminded her about freedom of speech and she cannot tell me to stop swearing especially since it was politely. Needless to say I won't be back and any of my friends who go to any Target will not be my friends.

I have not told my family thought I have not spoken to them for 6 years because they refuse to disown my brother who came out of the closet. He should have kept his sexual lifestyle to himself because he caused my family to break up by coming out of the closet.

You are all losers and need to stop replying to my letter okay. You cannot read, my name is Sam, that is male name, and you all think I am female.

to ace1sam #871121

Well Sam could be short for Samantha, bet your family is happy for your not contacting them, you sound like a bitter sad person. You don't get your way so you boycott Target, you don't get your way about them disowning your brother so you disown your family, you really need to grow up.

to Anonymous #871198

Interesting. This was not posted by me and is totally untrue. If someone could tell me how to stop this I would be appreciative.

to ace1sam #871217

This was not written by the original poster which was me. Didn't realize this site would have such drama involved with it.

to ace1sam #871396

Yeah right of course you did not write that comment just like you did not misunderstand firstborntriplet. It is quite clear from your response that you lack reading comprenhension and are attacking the wrong person. Lying only makes things worse.


It is losing, not loosing, perhaps instead of worrying about trying to bend the rules you should go back to school and work on your grammar, and your reading as well, because if you knew how to read you would see that you only get the sale price if you buy three. With your not knowing how to read or spell I wonder how you made it past the fourth grade.

to Anonymous #871089

Fourth grade, with her childish behavior and poor reading comprehension I wonder how she made it past the first grade? She has poor social skills, and always wants her way, blame her parents more for not raising her right than her for her behavior, if parents raised their children to know they cannot always get what they want than we would not have self centered brats who think they are owed something and that they should have the rules changed just for them. Ones says other shave a poor level of growth just because they are telling her she wrong, shame on Sam`s parents for raising another self centered brat who thinks the world owes them something.


You threw a temper tantrum because you got no for an answer, are you sure you are even old enough to drive or did you steal your parents car? Since you mention working my guess you are actually an adult you only choose to act like a four year old.

I like how people who are old enough to drive and hold a job act like four year olds. You have a job, you have to follow policies, to act immature because someone was following policies makes you look foolish, they have these deals for a reason to encourage you to buy more. Trust me you and your childish behavior will not be missed.

People who want to go by the rules of the promotion, people more mature than you will continue to go there so your not going will not put them out of business. GROW UP AND ACT YOUR AGE.

First Born Triplet
to Anonymous #870632

Hey at least this person is stating her point nicely(as wrong as she is). Unless they are your friends others will tell you that you are wrong.

But at least you are not like that psycho who wrote the Walmart complaint who had the same problem with buy three packs of chips at a certain price.

She had children with her and she claimed that not getting the chips at the advertised price made her beat her children. Well one for having a dirty diaper(two year old) and the 12 year old for something else.

to First Born Triplet #870898

Well, for one I did read so maybe you can head your own advice. And I used the spell checker also.

Sorry that it missed one thing and no I am not a good speller. But I did read and it states in my description that I knew it was 3 for 12. I simply didn't need 3 and went and politely asked if an exception could be made. I was politely told "No".

And I left. I did politely explain that I felt it hindered their business but did not become angry, abusive or even mean. I frankly told her I understood and thought they should look at their policy and left. Not sure where you read into my story everything you all came up with.

But obviously you didn't read very well as I stated they have the right to do whatever they want and have whatever policy they like. At the same time as a manager, I may not like criticism but it was often the most helpful and I would rather have one person tell me because most will not. They just take the business elseware. This venue is an awesome way to provide Target information since I read in USA today that they are trying to figure out why their sales are diminishing.

If I can help in that and save a good store in some small way, then great.

As for your comments. I find them unthought through and really shows your own level of growth.

to ace1sam #870900

And yes it should have been heed not head. Like I said.

I'm not the best speller in the world.

Not going to win a spelling bee tomorrow. I should have reviewed my post before I posted though.

to ace1sam #871082

You obviously don't know how to read because that poster you are harassing was sticking up for you and second he was saying that this was another poster for a Walmart review that acted this way. You are obviously someone who does not know how to act your age.

Trust me they don't need your business, they don't have to give you preferred treatment just because you don't want to follow the rules, you sound like a first grader thinking they should change the rules just for you. That poster never read into your story, anyone who passed first grade would know that that poster was describing another poster on this site and supporting you, if you are rude to someone supporting you I seriously doubt you were polite when they did not honor the price for one pack of pop. You are immature and have a lot of growing up to do. If you knew how to read you would have seen that that poster had told you that another poster claimed Walmart made her abuse her children by not honoring the deal for one pack of chips, the same thing that happened to you, before making a fool of yourself have someone who has passed the first grade read the review to you and explain to you what other people are posting.

They can explain to you that that poster was describing another poster on the site and not you, they can explain that people are calling you immature because of your behavior. You are the immature one insisting everyone else is wrong and you are right, guess it has to do with how you were raised, your parents obviously did not do a good job of raising you correctly which is a shame. You were not very polite to triplet and I wonder how you behaved when you did not get your way. Both your reading skills and social skills are that of a first grade level and I wonder how you ever made it past second grade.

It is obvious from your review response that you are immature and childish and have a low IQ. Also have the person who knows how to read tell who is posting what.

You seem to be someone who does not like to be told you are wrong, like someone who throws a fit when you don't get your way. Trust me one person and her family and friends won't bankrupt a company, or even the store you are boycotting.

to ace1sam #871087

I agree with the other users you need to learn how to read, that user never made a comment about your inability to read and spell, another user did. You are the one with poor reading skills not other people and frankly you are making a fool of yourself.

to ace1sam #871197

Wow. Frankly.

This is the first time I have used this board and thought I was replying in the string. I never intended the comments to be directed at that person who obviously supported me. It does amaze me how attacking you all are. Instead of just pointing out your thoughts, your attacking my character.

Obviously this site is not conducive to objective conversations. I did appreciate first borns thoughts and apologize if she was hurt by my adding the comment to her comment.

Again, it was intended to be directed to the first two. That said, with the similar style of attack, it is possible that the comments were read by the first two and they responded in similar fashion.

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