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I can usually find bottles of Benadryl next to the other allergy meds like Zyrtec. Not any more.

Some lame brain moved them to the first aid aisle in small quantities. I’m not always traveling when I use them.

I use them every night. Please put them in both places and provide larger quantities.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Store Facility.

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I can shop elsewhere and find what I’m looking for and in a bottle of 100 rather than 24. Thanks for the economics lesson.


It's just amazing that people don't stop to think what it costs a company to stock a product in their stores. There are over 1800 Target stores.

If Target put one box/bottle of Benadryl on the shelf at a cost of $4 that would be over $7,200. Make that 6 and you are looking at over $43,200.00. Take that times the multiple sizes of packages and forms of the product, you are looking at a lot of money. Companies closely monitor the sales of the products they stock and adjust the shelf space given to a product based on what the sales of the product are.

In a perfect world a new shipment would arrive as the last package is sold off the shelf. Consumers should be grateful that companies are willing to sink large amounts of money into putting products on their shelves taking the risk of whether people will buy them or not.

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