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I will never be shopping in your stores again. Your stores have bait and switch. I want an item which was on sale in your store. This was the last day of the sale. I was told that the item sold out yesterday. This is called bait and switch, you advertize a product and do not have it in stock. You do this only to attract customers to your store to buy other items. I was lied to I bet the item was never on sale. I have contacted BBB, this practice is illegal. I will be telling my story to every site that allows complaints. I hope you go out of business.

The worst is when I asked for the same item at the sale price(this was more expensive and better quality) they refused. I even asked for gas money since I had to drive to the store in terms of a gift card they refused. I refused to leave the store until they sold me the better quality more expensive item for the sale price. The next thing I know they called the police on me and lied and said I was making a disturbance. The police asked me to leave the store. I refused and they told me that if I did not leave the store they would escort me out in handcuffs. Yeah the police, not security, the police. I asked for video survelience to prove that the item was in stock yesterday and they said they are not allowed to show this. This clearly indicates they are lying. The police sided with them and told me that I had one more chance to leave the store voluntary. To avoid a criminal record I did so.

Target did offer a reincheck for when the item came in, but I told them I would contact my lawyers, BBB, and tell everyone I know not to shop there if they did not give me the more expensive version for the sale price since they lied about it in the first place.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Gift Card.

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You're a *** ***. You're the reason why everyone who works in retail hates their job.

Because of entitled *** like you who think you're owed something. Do society s favor and stick to shopping online...***.


Your target weekly ad for sales clearly states "offer available only while supplies last" which means once the item is sold out there are no more supplies left and thus you missed out. You should be ashamed of yourself for your behavior and I hope that you realize how ignorant you made yourself look.

Target cannot keep an everlasting supply of items just to please you. It's your responsibility to get to the store early in the week for the sale items. If you don't then you risk other people purchasing what is in stock. Get a clue.

The world does not revolve around you.

I really hope that if you did contact an attorney that they gloriously laughed at your sheer stupidity and took a minute to educate you about #1 what a bait and switch is and #2 how the world works. I bet the entire store (customers and employees alike) laughed at you...seriously.


This is a not a scam at all. It's called you being lazy and waiting until the last day of the sale to purchase the item.

Things sell out. It happens especially when it's popular and when it's hum…whats the word?


Waterford, Connecticut, United States #769944

Customer Service people do not take the customers seriously. They dismiss and disregard the customer until you become angry then dismiss you as "just another angry customer". They do not respond to what you say, they shrug and say have a nice day.

Chesterfield, Missouri, United States #769085

Lol learn what bait and switch is before throwing around legal jargon that you clearly do not understand.


This is a SCAM that target has perfecred. they lock all the products in the back then bring them out after the sale is over. Or the employees hide them until 70% off RESELL on ebay/craiglist employees will keep these jobs even with very little hours just to get the 70%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

to Anonymous Texas City, Texas, United States #768870

Haha, I bet you wear a tin foil hat. This is, most assuredly, false.


Let's have a little RETAIL 101, shall we?? Read the FINE PRINT on fliers.

ALL retailers reserve the right to limit quanities and they state ON the flier that there are limited quanities. It's not all about trying to trick you. If you wanted the item thats on sale that week, then you should've gotten off your glorious backside and went to the store at the start of the sale. ALSO, you could have requested a RAIN CHECK....that means, that if they are going to get more of this item you wanted so badly in again, you could have a rain check so you can pay the sale price.

Just a fine print note on rain checks too...they come with an expiration date. : ) Learn something today?

GOOD! Now quit your ***...

to IKnowMoreThanYou #771439

In the very last paragraph, the OP states that Target DID offer her a raincheck, but she responded to that by threatening to call her lawyer and the BBB. I can only hope this complaint is thrown out.


"This is called bait and switch, you advertize a product and do not have it in stock."

Google "bait and switch". It does not mean what you think it means.

"I have contacted BBB, this practice is illegal."

Please cite the specific law that you are referring to.

Orlando, Florida, United States #765546

You are NUTS and you are D.U.M.B. What do you expect when you wait to the last day of the sale to get a sale item?

If it's gone, it's gone. Your fault for not catching the sale earlier in the week.

to Anonymous Ashburn, Virginia, United States #765645

If the item is on the flier for a week than they should have the item available all week. They should have enough to have the item there all week.

It is not my fault they were not prepared. Also I bet they never had the product in the first place. They just did it to lure us to the store and buy other more expensive items. The fact that the police came within five minutes shows that the police work for them.

That they are paying them to take their side rather than the customers. Well if I had a box of donuts and thousands of dollars I too would bribe the police to take my side.

to Anonymous #766023

Name calling Again! Yes it is Target's New Motto.




You made a complete fool of yourself in the store, and an even bigger one on this site. It is not bait and switch.

Stores can have an item on sale in their ads and if you wait until the last day of the sale, if it is a popular item, more than likely it will be sold out. Also being the sale ads are all published at one location, not individual cities, if you read the ad really carefully, you will see that it says all items aren't available in all stores. There isn't a store around that "advertizes" a product, they do "advertise." Then you wanted them to sell you a better, more expensive, similar item at the sale price of the one in the ad. Then you wanted them to reimburse you for the gas you used to get to the store-----if you are that hard up, you should have walked, or rode a bicycle.

The Target employees did not lie about you creating a disturbance, you were acting like a complete maniac. Of course they couldn't show you their video "survelience" because they don't have any of that, they might have surveillance tapes, but even so I bet it wouldn't show the exact stock on hand, most of those tapes are keeping an eye on the people in the store, therefore it does not clearly indicate they are lying. It was real nice that Target offered you a "reincheck" for when the item came in. Most stores would offer a "raincheck." That being said, being you turned that down, it clearly indicates that you wanted to create a scene and be a trouble maker.

Maybe you should go back on your meds. By the way this isn't the Target web site, it is a general complaint site.

to anonymous Ashburn, Virginia, United States #765642

It should not matter if it is the last day, if the add is for a week than they should have the item there all week. The item should also be available in all stores.

Also it is funny how the police came within five minutes.

They did not even tell me the were calling the police. Guess they give them free donuts and pay them to take their side.

to Anonymous #767205

Items sell out - it happens. It’s what the retailer does afterward that determines whether or not they are breaking the law.

Target offered you a rain check to show that they weren't "intentionally" keeping the item from you. To demand a more expensive item for the same price, and then to threaten them with legal action, is absolutely absurd. They called the police because you were threatening them with litigation, and their only way of protecting the store was to bring in a non-biased, authoritative party. Seeing as you did not visit the store until the final day of the sale, you have no proof the item was never available, and I would be willing to bet your Target can provide sufficient evidence to any court to prove they sold several units of the item at the sale price during the sale period.

As others have said, you don’t entirely seem to understand “bait-and-switch,” as it applies to US law. As described best on Wikipedia, “Advertising a sale while intending to stock a limited amount of, and thereby sell out, a loss-leading item advertised is legal in the United States. The purveyor can escape liability if they make clear in their advertisements that quantities of items for which a sale is offered are limited, or by OFFERING A RAIN CHECK on sold-out items.”

If anything, you made Target look like the reasonable one. You are not entitled to anything.

to anonymous #766025

Target employee

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