after reading several of these complaints particularly references to target....I have strangely noticed a pattern....which is a well stocked supply of other commentators who apparently seem to take up for target...and maybe other companies with bad service

practices.....I could understand analyzing the complaint to see if it is a viable complaint....and there may have been some that would be questionable....but there are some with ligitimate complaints....to which thier complaint was met with sharp

criticisms that are just simply rude and insensitive justifications as it appears as a defense on targets behalf....that are nothing more than provacative.....as if you people who are rudely insensitively commenting on purpose to belittle the complainant and

intentionally *** them off even more than when they first visited this site....to some degree....I found that some of these complaints are written as short little stories representing the protagonists...while lurking around in the dark like little trolls is

the antagonist.......just waiting to attack the complainant....and because of this....it almost looks somewhat comical because your sharp critical remarks do nothing but actually *** the complainant off even more...hence sparking a firery reaction to some

of them.......it is now making me wonder who actually are these people...who are seemingly defending the unscrupulous business tactics of target and perhaps others....I wonder if you people are sent by target to counter attack the many legitimate complaints that people really feel that they have posted here....Hmmmmmmm.....it does make me wonder......

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Previously NARC YOU OUT - I have just become aware that some cowardly thief has stolen my screen name and is posting lies that they are presenting as my statements. Consequently, I will no longer present postings as Narc you out as of 9/2/11, but will do so anonymously, depecting the behaviour of Narc you out's name thief.

I do think that this is further proof of the people connected with Target. I am becoming more and more convinced that these protestors to everyone's posted complaint are connected with this terrible retailer, Target.


I agree with Simon...


Since I am one of these "antagonists", let me clear something up. I have never worked for Target and only shop there a few times a year.

I am not Pro-*any store*, but some of these people who blame stores for their own mistakes and misunderstandings make me sick. 75% of all of the complaints I read on retail stores, the consumer is the one who is wrong and needs to accept responsibility, but it's so much easier to blame the "fat cats" for our own shortcomings.

For example: Target has a 90 day return policy. That is 2 months longer than most retailers.

Yet people swear off Target for life and tell all of their friends and family never to shop there again because they couldn't return an item for 6 months.

It's 100% the consumer's fault this happened, Target did nothing wrong, and I will be happy to tell this person so. If that makes me an antogonist, I'm fine with that, but I refuse to coddle these morons and say "Gee that sounds like another case of the big corporations beating up on the little guy *shed tear).


To think that Target pays people to lurk on message boards to look for complaints and post rebuttals sounds a bit crazy, don't ya think? Personally I think that people post a lot of trivial complaints that can be solved with a little old-fashioned common sense. Nobody likes a whiner...


I thank you for this posting. I, too, have come to the realization that there are names of persons who appear over and over in every new complaint listed by folks stating complaints against Target.

Very few of these postings are civil or decent, but the majority answer our complaints with vile obscenities.

I do not know who these people are or if they are affiliated with or employed by Target because most of them dodge the question. It would be absolutely pathetic to find out that Target pays people to jot these inflamatory reviews rather than give legimate customers satisfaction or at the very least teach it's employees decency in handling problems customers encounter with products purchased at Target.

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