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I shop at the Vallejo California Target, I cannot understand why there is never a selection of merchandise available. For example the Fit jeans line, that line has been unavailable in most sizes and styles since Christmas. Will you ever put them back? That store is alway dirty and disorganized. I go to other Targets and they have everthing why not Vallejo??

Can Vallejo get Merchandise or do we need to just stop shopping at Target and switch to Walmart?

What is going on? All we have is junk and more junk. Can someone go take a look at that store it is not managed very well.

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Random, that comment to Ihatedumbcustomers is coming from someone whose granddaughter's is smarter than him.

Poor random, he threw a temper tantrum and denied his daughter her birthday gift because his grudge with Target and showing them up is more important than being a loving grandparent and sending her a gift.


once again, IHateStupidCustomers is being annoying and *** again! great job nerd, get a real job.


oh calm down.

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