Kendall Park, New Jersey

It is mind boggling that a store the size and popularity of target does not extend their store hours during holiday shopping season, let alone Christmas Eve. Absolutely terrible!

I mean its like the don't want people to spend money. Every othe store the size of target is open at 6 am. They are also all staying open later. Whoever is making deciduous at target should be reminded that they are in the business of making money which only happens when they sell stuff, which only happens when people are in the store, which only happens when they are *** open!

I'm going to Khols! Target, you won't get my money

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Los Angeles, California, United States #629566

You are a ***...and I am glad I didn't have to deal with someone like you this christmas and every day I don't have to deal with an arrogant customer like you at my job is considered a good day...#thankgodyounolongershopattarget

to guesswhat #629569

Guesswhat - it's going to be a much better day when NOONE shops at Target anymore. Can't wait! #thankgodforallthepeoplewhonolongershopattargetgodblessthemallandstopallothersfromshoppingtheretoo


Really? You're an ***.

I've worked for target for 3 years and every year I've counted my blessings that we're not a company that makes their employees stay later on Christmas Eve, especially considering I have a family tradition that night that we do every single year. How dare you.

Also by the way, my store was up 5% in sales for 2012. You douche.

to gstrainer New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #628044

Bahawwww, a "gstrainer" calling you a douche! That's funny, so funny.

Is that part of the training to work at Target? Bahawwwwww. I - can't quit laughing - trying to get off the floor because this post has me splitting my sides!!! Oh, stop, pleze, stop.

This is rich. (Wow, everyone is right. Milk through the nose DOES hurt).

Ah, hahahaha.

Cumming, Georgia, United States #622893

I agree with everyone else. You are a selfish person not to think they may want to spend Christmas Eve with their family.

You had all day Chirstmas Eve to shop but you waited untill there early closing time and pitch a fit that they closed and went home to spend the holiday with their families. If you had a family you would understand wanting to spend the holidays with them.

So stop being selfish and find out what the holiday is all about. You have take the love out of love thy neighbor.

Baltimore, Maryland, United States #610563

Does this person even know what Xmas is all about. I bet they are one of those people that are at Target 4 times a week as entertainment because they have nothing else to do.....we are laughing at what a sad sad person this is that wrote this complaint!!s*v*}(

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #597629

Wow, this complaint is selfish. Is this even real?

Target was open Thanksgiving night. I was there shopping, I would know.

I also worked at Target Christmas season 2011 and my store most definitely extended their hours two or three weeks before Christmas. Personally, you need to get a life and understand that people who work in retail like to see their families as well as anyone else.



Was that so hard?


Christmas Eve Customer


I would like to start off this message with a sincere apology, not only from myself, but on behalf of our entire company. Since it is common knowledge that retail employees aren't human, and therefore do not have families to spend time with around the holiday season like you do; it was truly selfish of us to try to close so early during what is such an important time to you and the rest of our human overlords. Regardless, even if we did have families of our own, it would not matter; for we are but lowly *** whose only purpose in life is to make sure that our human masters and their families are never inconvenienced. Therefore; we lower beings are truly sorry that you found our extended holiday hours to be so unaccommodating. While I am not programmed to "feel", I am programmed to "understand"; so trust me when I say that I understand that you were simply just too busy to take the time to shop in one of our stores during the 16 hours a day we were open for the three weeks leading up to Christmas. Had we known that we weren't being flexible enough for you in those 336 hours we were open, we would have immediately had each one of our Target stores in the country stay open 24/7 to accommodate your needs.

And as for Christmas Eve, closing at 9 was nothing but pure incompetence on our end since our holiday hours in the previous weeks were obviously very unaccommodating to our human masters, and like what happened to you; probably forced millions of other potential customers to have to shop late on the night before Christmas. While the store I work at may have only had a couple of transactions after 5pm on Christmas Eve, I will take your word and assume that by closing as early as we did, we lost out on billions of dollars. If only we were as smart as you and had foreseen all of these issues, we could have stayed open 24/7 from Thanksgiving right through Christmas, if not straight through the new year and would have doubled if not tripled our year's profit over the course of that month.

So while this apology may not be enough to remedy the terrible inconvenience we caused you during such an important time; I do hope that one day you find yourself able to forgive us lower beings for our selfishness and incompetence that almost ruined not only your holiday but the holidays of millions of people across the country. Perhaps when that day comes, you can use your higher understanding of the inner-workings of our company to help us from making such mistakes in the future.


Target Employee #100673498560931497652


"Our Company"?


Irvine, California, United States #593093

Lol. Our Company actually did extremely well this year. So thanks.


This is seriously the most selfish complaint I've ever seen in my life.

Greensboro, North Carolina, United States #591181

Even if Target did have extended hours on Christmas Eve, you wouldn't want to be there. The employees would make sure you had an incredibly awful experience because they aren't allowed to be home with their families.

Douglassville, Pennsylvania, United States #589573

sounds like you have no family or friends. sorry that those retail employees would rather spend time with theirs instead of helping you buy ***.

Torrington, Connecticut, United States #588338

As a Target employee all Team members were very unhappy with Targets practice of the early opening and the staying open so late! Black friday was enough and I doubt very much if Target will have lost any money because of their practices with hours.

The Target members rallied together because Target opened on Thanksgiving evening at 8 pm. That in quite a few Team Members was outragous!

Happy New Year. Dont ever think that Target isnt looking out for their bottom line


I'm sorry that Target employees have families that want them home on Christmas Eve.

Warren, Michigan, United States #585891

This is arguably the dumbest complaint about Target, maybe even the dumbest on this entire website, and that is saying something. Congratulations on your achievement.


Good for you South Dakota.

Aren't you the perfect little person who is the perfect little Target shopper?

Ho, Ho, Ho!!! Merry Christmas!

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #585725

Where I live, any stores that open at 6:00AM, only do so for certain things, not on a daily basis, not even for Christmas. Target used to stay open until 11:00PM during the holidays, I don't know if they still do.

Anybody that wants to shop during a wider variety of hours can always go to WalMart. They are ope 24/7.

When I go to Target, I make sure I am there when there doors open at 8:00AM, there used to be times when I would get there at 10:00PM and be there when they closed the store at 11:00PM. If they were open more hours during the holidays, they would have to hire more people, and therefore, probably have to raise prices.

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