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I started getting sick on Saturday at 10am. I waited until the next day to have it checked out, in that most of my illnesses resolve themselves in 24 hours or less. I went to the Target Clinic, 90% confident that I had strep throat. The nurse practitioner there was nice, administered the quick strep test and the standard strep test. The quick test came out negative (but she told me that it typically takes 48 hours of incubation for it to show up on that one), but that the other test would be sent out on monday and took 24 hours.

Here I am, on WEDNESDAY, barely having eaten in the last 4 days, my ears and throat in excruciating pain and I call to find out that I MAY get my results today or tomorrow. REALLY? Why did I go to your "fast care clinic" if it was going to take longer than if I had just waited to see my regular doctor on Monday? What a waste of time and money, loss of hours at work, and the horrendous pain I continue to be in.


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The "second strep test" is called a CULTURE which takes a minimum of 36 hours to return from the lab. This is the same test your "doctor" would have performed and takes the same amount of time.

90% of sore throats are viral so there is no way you could've been certain you had "strep" after only a day and after a negative test.

I agree with the others ... Close your mouth and quit whining and your throat will get better!

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Some folks here are just clueless to say the least. I tried to get an appt with a Dr's office and once stating that I would be a cash pay, they denied to see me.

I had the same results with local Medical clinics as well.

Target was the only one that would treat me as a cash paying client. Only alternative would be to stop by the County Hospitals ER, not much of a choice.


If you're doctor never sees you, then why do you keep going to him?


You went to a discount department store to get medicals tests? Did you think maybe there were some limitations to the services you could get at the discount department store compared to you licensed doctors office?

You did however get in that day. I'm guessing right when you walked in the door.

Your licensed doctors office is unlikely to be that available to you. They were quick.


I am not trolling. I am just stating facts.

Apparently you are so pathetic that you think if someone does not side with you they are trolling. Also like I said I am sure Target would be a lot busier than your doctor's office. Seriously grow up and quit making excuses for your mistakes. No one is siding with you, does that mean they are all trolling.

You must be a very young child(or have a very low IQ) to believe everyone is wrong and you are right. Maui and I both said you should have went to the doctor. You apparently don't like our advice so we are trolling.

Maybe if you are this upset about not getting the response you want you should leave the site because not everyone is going to side with you, especially when the customer is acting like a spoiled brat. This is called not


I exposed hardly anyone cause that Target was *** near empty while everyone was at church and I know what hand sanitizer and tissues are for, I did work in a bio lab once upon a time. Secondly, my doctor is very popular and books 4 months out.

Emergency visits are possible, but once again I was trying to salvage being able to work on Monday. Third, I can't afford to pay the clinic AND my doctor to diagnose the SAME thing.

I'm trying to make people aware of what happened to me to prevent this becoming a trend. So, anything else you want to try to rag on me for?

Seriously. Cause if you're wasting time trolling on a website called "Pissed Consumer," ripping on people for being *PISSED*, and not out saving the galaxy, then I kinda feel bad for you.


If it was me, I would have gone to see my Dr. on Monday, Tuesday at the latest. The fact that you are here *** on Wednesday is now on you, since your Dr.'s office has been open for 3 days now.


Target gets thousands of shoppers a day. Your doctor probably gets ten patients a day.

So Mr.

or MRs. responsible how many people did you expose to your illness while going to Target rather than your doctor?


I'm not an angry person...I'm sick. And when I'm sick, I want to feel better.

How patient are you when you're sick? I'm writing this now, still sick, six days later.

I went to Target's clinic because it was a Sunday so my doc's office was closed, and I had work Monday. I know that you're contagious until the antibiotics have been in your system for 24 hours.

If I jumped on this fast enough, I could prevent passing it on to others, like my parents who have their own medical situations. I was trying to be responsible.


why would you go to Target to get checked out while you're sick?


Maybe the sore throat was from yelling and no illness? You seem like a very angry person.



You have to have a prescription to get antibiotics. I needed someone just barely competent enough to know what the incubation period needed for the test to work would be.


If you already knew what you had why did you even go for tests?

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