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I do love Target, and have since I lived in Mpls, MN back in 1996. However, I'm finding it more and more difficult to love and support such an enormous retailer when it's obvious that they care less and less about me.

I cannot support the political candidates that Target lends its name and profits to, and I can no longer be treated so poorly by rude and underprepared employees, from those that work in the Starbucks (Piscataway, NJ store) to those that provide Customer Service. I do hope that Target can turn things around and go back to the company they once were.

I'm terribly disappointed that Taget seems to have lost sight of what has helped them become so successful, and that's the business of people like me.

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Previously NARC YOU OUT - My screen name has been stolen and lies are being printed in my name, so I will henceforth only contribute to these sites as Anonymous. Apparently, the thief and liar misusing my name wants this site to be listed only by that name, or they would have the bare-bones courage to admit who is stealing and misposting to Narc you out. I shall not post as that complaintant henceforth.


Kbender, what a wonderful and fair posting about Target. I am happy to know that at one time you did receive good service at Target.

Things are not that way now, and their corporate offices need to be aware of how poorly the stores are being run. Thank you for your fair assessment of the retailer. I believe if we complain to them and to everyone we know, sooner or later, they will better train their customer service people. It seems that customers are what made them such a large retailer, and if we refrain from dealing with them with our hard earned dollars, they will realize that immediate changes in their business practices need to be put in place.

Your statement are greatly appreciated.

I hope they are reviewing these postings and realize that we are not in the business of company bashing, but better service when we shop in their stores. Thanks again.

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