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Target does not care about their employees. The Team Leads, Senior Team Leads and Executive Team Leads all gang up on the team members.

At store # 2221, which is a Super Target, on Prominent Point in Colorado Springs, CO. The supervisors and upper management treat us employees worse than any job I have ever worked at... and I worked at XEROX. The store is a demoralizing environment and the Leads do nothing to help.

They even criticize you and begin to isolate you by speaking negatively about you to other leads. Target management is composed of unintelligent bullies who bark orders and then criticize your every flaw. They are reluctant to train you properly and then assassinate your character to their coworkers because of their neglect to show you the correct method. There is no positive reinforcement, they will verbally berate you until you cant take it anymore.

It is the most demoralizing environment, the most sickening leadership, even the general manger, Coleen, positively reinforces her Team Leads' negative behaviors. No employee at store #2221 is happy, or proud of what they do. There is no avenue to succeed in the store, they hire from outside the company to fill management positions. I was there for half a year and watched them replace three Lead's with externally hired Team Members.

This store's management advises you to communicate and vocalize your goals in the company, and then stifles your growth with negative counseling sessions a.k.a write-ups. Every level of management is incapable of communicating properly resulting in multiple different orders that contradict each other. How is one supposed to properly execute a task when each Lead has specifically stated a different manner in which it needs to be done. They force responsibilities with no incentive to succeed, and then wrongfully direct blame to the team member instead of the Lead.

While I was working at this Target; store #2221, I was working a second job to make ends meet, a job that meant a lot to me. A job that only required me to work Wednesday evenings. I was directly told by my Lead to not put in an availability change but to advise him of what day and hours I needed off, and I did that. Instead of giving me the time I needed off to work my second job, he scheduled me on that day.

I then decided to put in an availability change for that specific day off and he declined the change. After missing three shifts in a row at my second job due to my Lead at Target's inability to help me, I was ultimately terminated.

He then had the audacity to make jokes about my financial situation, stating that he found it funny that I had a girlfriend still, after having my identity stolen, losing my second job, and then working for minimum wage at Target. To any person looking for employment at Target, steer clear of #2221.

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

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This sounds terrible! And to think many years ago I applied several times at Target.

This is EXACTLY how Macy's is as well. They will notice only the negatives, never the positives. Like coming in on your day off cause they're understaffed. They don't appreciate employees either.

Customers & thieves can have you fired at any given time there. I heard Xerox is a nightmare. The big red flag with them was when they called me for an interview a few hours after I applied online & the guy told me I was hired before even having my interview!

I read online they make you clock out for bathroom breaks because it's a call center. Yikes!

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