I purchased a large amount of Christmas items from several Targets on 12/8. (So many places are out of stock).

Of course, I bought too much. I tried to return $50 worth of items on the card I used all day and was told that the items could not be found. When I asked for a store credit, I was told I would only get half of what I paid for them even though I made the purchase that same day. The customer service was terrible.

I decide to just take my items. I searched all my bags at home and found the receipt and it has the friggin card that I have been using ALL DAY. WTF! I go back to the same target and return my items with a different cashier.

She won't look me in the eyes, looks as if he is embarrassed. The original cashier says something like he didn't see it then rolled his eyes and walked off. I'm wondering what is up?

Do I stank or something? I spent $552 dollars in one day!

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You tried to return $50 worth of items without a receipt. Most stores would have told you to pound sand.


No dear. You don't stank. Target do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


If you are returning an item the same day that you purchased it then you have to return it to the same store that you purchased it from. The system updates to company wide at night.

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