Why is it now against Targets policy to play Christmas music? I am told they do not wish to offend anyone; well they are offending me!!

If they do not wish to participate in the holiday they should not be selling anything associated with the holiday! Get rid of the christmas cards, wrapping paper, christmas gifts, etc. Or put a smile on your face and say "Merry Christmas". Turn up to christmas music!

I know that Christmas is a very big deal for this store and it produces the majority of their income for the year! Stay away, I will!

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I work retail and by far I hate working after Thanksgiving...I have yet to give my boss my new schedule knowing when I do I will need to work more hours and have to deal not only with *** customers but that *** music (and I celebrate Christmas....)


I miss Christmas: the lights, sounds, smells, old movies, the parties, the carolers, and more. I find that without the holiday cheer I don't spend money!

Why? I find it hard to get into the holiday mood to even go shopping to buy gifts for my family and friends.

I now buy only those few items needed at the door buster sales and give the kids money to buy the presents they want on-line. Actually, I saved money and spent less than $30 at Target this Christmas season.


Wake up people. It's almost 2013.

Times have changed. More and more new people to North America do not like Christmas music. You must change with the times.

Play Christmas music at home. You can't please everyone.


I celebrate Christmas too, but not for the same reason that some people think it has to be celebrated. I do it basically because it is tradition.


Target makes over one third of a years profit at Christmas time. If a store can't accommodate Christmas celebrations such as playing Christmas music and saying, "Merry Christmas", it becomes abundantly clear to many of us shoppers that they have cut out the tradition of Christmas in their policy.

That is fine with those of us who shop for Christmas presents. If the store can't indulge our holiday traditions, they apparently don't need or want our Christmas MONEY.

It is very easy to shop at other stores. Enough of us staying away from Target to purchase our Christmas presents will speak loudly to Target corporate!!!!!

Brick Township, New Jersey, United States #580122

Target won't be sorry to see you go. I celebrate Christmas and can't stand the 24 hour music.

Not everyone celebrates, so why should they be beaten with the music. Wait! I have an idea!

Lets play music in hebrew until it's time for Christmas. That way we don't leave anyone out!


Loss of your business won't hurt Target. It is up to them what kind of music to play----myself I wish stores would just plain quit playing music.

They do it to trick customers into spending more, that is what I have been told. Whether or not people say Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or whatever----You do realize, don't you that Christ was born sometime between late summer and mid October. After that it would have been so cold that the shepherds would have had their flocks inside at night.

Therefore, to me celebrating on December 25, just makes it a pagan holiday. The people that don't celebrate Christmas have a choice of whether or not to look at the decorations and so on, but when the music is blasting in their ears, they can't very well ignore that.

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