I been shopping at the west hills Ca Target.since beginning of the school started...as a school bus driver I'm force to stay here by the school for my pick up.so I came to shop at westhill mall..Target,walmart,tj max,Ross..etc.well specially Target I never felt as a customer here at this store...is more like being treated as code 9. Deflamaton of character.you ppls can get sue.any manager always on his pone or radio.I believe he's Mexican mgr.so unprofessional how he treat there customer..look in ur camera ppls...

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Manager.

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You must drive the short bus.


Speaking of unprofessional, this review is unprofessional. Full of spelling and grammar errors.

How did you even pass your test to be able to drive to school.

Can't you get one of the kids you drive like one of the second, third or even fourth graders on your bus, to type this up to you. I am sure that their review will be better with the English language.


the original poster sounds like they were halfway through a bottle of vodka while posting this.


What is deflamaton of character?

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