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registered here for our wedding. getting married in 4 months.

registry was started months ago and we attempted to finalize it last night. none of the scanners were working so we couldn't scan things. the employees did not know how to fix the scanner and acted like our issue was not important. we had to leave without finalizing things.

went online this morning to attempt to add things that way and the registry section of the site was not working. emailed customer support, they told me to clear my cache/cookies and restart my browser then it should work. it did not. very frustrated and upset.

avoid target at all costs!!!!! (At least for registries)

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Customer service, Management, Sales staff are idiots, Rude employees.

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Phoenix, Arizona, United States #920459

Hmm i am beginning to think that Kevin does not have a job. maybe that is why he is one of the top contributors on pissed consumer.

Now listen slammer grammar Kevin,no one gives a s**t about grammar when they are pissed off. This is what this website is for.

to Just saying #920672

Well if they were of legal age of posting on this site 13 they would not have so many errors.

to Just saying #958118

Kevin also has serious mommy issues. Almost every single post has something to do with mommy and daddy and generally the mentioning of a six year old child.


Are you even old enough to get married? Funny how someone is old enough to get married but they don't know simple first grade grammar, and with your terrible grammar perhaps the registry works however you had a hard time understanding what you read?

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