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On 9/4/08 we took our little 6yo grandaughter to Target in Morrow Georgia so she could spend her birthday money. She had her heart set on a pink MP3 player.

My husband, and daughter were helping her to pick out the best one for her money. The whole time we were there, we were stalked by Target security. They even stood next to me and discussed between them that there might be an MP3 player missing on the wall. When I realized what they were doing, I told them they could check our purses at any time.

I had over $100.00 worth of merchandise in my basket that I left for them to put back and I can honestly say that I will NEVER shop at Target again!

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Target security is the *** of the earth. Some ugly dude mistook me for someone else and screamed at me in the store.

And he's a manager!

My God! This was the target on beach blvd in jacksonville fl.


Test Post


I can honestly say that I will NEVER shop at Target again! OKay, scratch Target off your list. Where will you shop when you run out of stores (that you don't like)?


" I can honestly say that I will NEVER shop at Target again!" Okay, scratch Target off your list. What happens when you run out of places to shop?

Winslow, New Jersey, United States #39609

I also think I need to clarify that they did not stop us or verbally accuse us of stealing. What they did was call a security guard over to the same isle we were on and watched us the whole timie we were shopping.

It was so obvious what they were doing that I confronted them and told them exactly how I felt about it. The security guard turned 12 shades of red and they all left, which is about the same time I left the store myself and have not been back!!!

Winslow, New Jersey, United States #39608

The person who whote that bogus update earlier was not me. I'm the real SandyLP and no my daughter did not get arrested for shoplifting.

Actually, I'm a 53 yo middle class white woman and I have shopped at the same Target for years.

I was just so angry at the way they treated us that I felt the need to vent as a consumer. I know the best way to get even with Target is to simply shop somewhere else, and that's just what I'm going to do from now on...:o)

to SandyLP Orange, California, United States #937503

Of course it was "not" you.


I BET you guys were African- American . There's a reason you guys are followed and scrutinized closely when in the store. I've done this for 30 years, and sadly know who to watch and who seems to get all uppity when they get caught.


Sandy....Shouldnt you be pissed at your *** of a duaghter rather than Target for her getting herself arrested in front of the kid...... Think about it


YeahRight...Learn to *** read you douche......her daughter.......the 6 year old's mother.......... was caught stealing

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #37828

The six year tried to steal the DVD and was stealing for years. What did she start at age two. I think the last comment by the OP was not made by the OP at all.

to Yeah Right Orange, California, United States #937504

You need reading lesson's the mother of the six year old was stealing, this was written by grandma.

Goldsboro, North Carolina, United States #35521

Actually, to keep you updated. I just found out the reason that Target security has been following me. I never knew this but my daugher (the 6yo) mother was stealing from that store for years. She was arrested last week because she tried to walk out with a DVD player claiming the cashier ran out of bags. I know I said I would never shop at Target again and I stand by that because they arrested a mother of a six year old child in front of the child. My daughter was crying when she told them how Target arrested her and made my granddaugher cry.

Anyways I wanted to return something from Target. Since neither my husband or I drive we asked her for a ride. This was when she informed me that she was banned from their stores because she was caught stealing.

The security have been suspicious of my daughter for years.

Goldsboro, North Carolina, United States #35518

Ha ha


I hold various Security Licenses and can tell you the following:

NO shopping centre security guard has special law enforcement powers - they have the same rights and can apply the same law enforcing rights as a normal citizen would.

They cannot touch you without consent. If they do than that action could be classified as assault and battery.

They cannot touch your bag.

They HAVE to ask you to open your bag without touching it and you can legally refuse.

If they decide to take action to block your exit in any way or attempt to escort you to an office, they are in effect placing you under arrest. If the Security Guard cannot reinforce his/her actions with sufficient and valid proof for placing you under arrest, that is an unlawful arrest and can be grounds for a Law Suit against the Security Guard, the Security firm who employed him/her and the shopping centre itself.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #32469

Word of advise, they cant accuse you without proof.

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