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Last Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving), my husband and I decided to stand outside of Target in Lexington, KY in Hamburg to get some really cheap items on sale. The biggest item was a Westinghouse television that was like 1/3 of the normal price.

We were lined up beside the building and we had our umbrellas to block the snow, ice, sleet, and rain. That lasted 5 1/2 hours. Well about the last 30 minutes or so people started coming and just walking up to try to run in the doors passed everyone that had waited all that time. There were employees telling everyone the rules and regulations of how to do this and that once the doors opened.

One of the rules was that no one was allowed to run. Well when 5:30 came and the doors opened of course everybody went to get those TVs. I just so happened to be the last one to get a TV. HOWEVER the crazy lunatic behind me ran around me when I was reaching for it and grabbed it right out in front of me.

The store employees that were handing them out just stood there and stared and said I am so sorry ma'am. Instead of going and getting that TV and bringing it back to me they just practically said ha ha look what happened to her! My husband was so mad and I cried. I have Lupus and Fibromyalgia.

I cant do very much and my husband lost his job. We didn't have a lot of money left but we needed a new TV. I swear as long as I'm alive I will never set foot back into any Target store again. They should have gave tickets out to the first 50 people who wanted one that were lined up battling the bad weather just to buy their piece of junk merchandise.

Never again Target, NEVER!!! And I told everybody I know about that incident and they all said they wouldn't go to that one either.

So what goes around comes around!

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hey axe - good to meet you. I wanted to take just a minute to introduce to your new best friends, axe - meet Simon.

axe - meet Tasha. I just KNOW you are going to hit if off!


How the heck is it Target's fault?? People don't care if the manager says "no running" because most of society don't think rules apply to them.

If employees got physical trying to take the TV away it could end in a law suit. And if you guys didn't have a lot of money left maybe you should be setting your priorities and finding better ways to spend your money rather than on a TV because once you have a TV then you have to pay for cable and all that jazz. You apparently have internet where it does the same exact thing and more!!

Oh and if people are battling the cold weather just to buy their "piece of junk merchandise" why the *** were you out there?!? Freaking idiots, man.


Tasha, are you 6 or 7? o.k.

say it with me a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,k,l,m,n,o,p,q,r,s,t,u,v,w,x,y,z. No, try again.

No,again.. no again, nooo one more time, tryagain


How is its targets fault? That is how black friday is at every store.

Is sales associates spent all their time ensuring the person first in line got what they wanted first, nothing would ever get done. Its a mad rush on the holidays, that is how it works!


Are you dumb or what? I guess you are trying to blame Target for being cold? I'm surprised that you can even spell Target.


Previously NARC YOU OUT - My screen name has been stolen by people without scrupules or nerve to identify themselves, so I will not post as Narc you out hereafter. The thieves will have to figure out who will be posting to these Target sites in the future.


I am so sorry that you have had to deal with such hatefilled rants from the several people commenting on this site. Please know that your initial complaint is being considered by many, many more people than you know and it is not only published on this public site, but is being reviewed by folks that are not quite as visual as this public site.

The apologists for Target have critised your complete shopping experience at Target. The fact that the store manager let people run into the store at 5:30 is against the law because of its obvious dangers, plus the fact that no one in management would come and help you and your husband (of whom they questioned his virility) seems to be out of the question for them, and the fact that they didn't even offer you a rain check just proves that Target has no interest in customer satisfaction. I am happy to see that you will never shop at Target again, but am sorry to see that you were enticed into verbal *** and @#%$ with them.

Getting your warning out to everyone you meet is much more productive and will generate the results you and I both desire, either in better training for their staff members OR even better, the complete closing of all of their stores because of our horrible shopping experiences there. There are just too many other good retailers out there to deal with such incompetentence.


I guess none of you have ever had a problem like that on black friday, never got mad at them, and never wanted to say something about it?? Come on.

Why be such a d*** on the internet? Why not Jerry Springer? Oh and Mr. Mcdonalds...None of your f****** business what kind of weather I was running around in.

You sell F****** food in the winter right? Well do you want every American person to stay home in the winter and not eat your food? ***! I didn't go through the drive through to have to get out and do your f****** crew members job for them.

Just forget I said anything at all, obviously you all are too clueless to care about one another. You are probably the very ones that run people down on Black Friday or take a s*** on peoples graves.


The last time I checked, Target employees weren't able to chase down customers simply to snatch an as of yet unpaid item back for another customer. They are not your personal squad of goons you can sic on someone who does something you don't like.

And, as most every other poster here has already said, a television is not a need, it is a want. I spent nearly a year when I moved into my first apartment without a television (and this was in the days before the internet) because what little money I got from my job had to go toward other purchases.

Whether the televisions were on sale or not is irrelevant. In this economy, if you are out of work, you need to save your money for important things, not frivolities.

steven sense

"We didn't have a lot of money left but we needed a new TV" actually a new TV is not a need, it is a want. You need to save your money for food, gas, electricity, and medicine as your husband has no job.


Read her other complaint about McDonalds. Running around in bad weather again.


You can't do much? But you can stand over 5 hours in bad weather.


So you wait almost a year to post, tell a story about how black friday is nuts in stores (duh) and then end it with trying to garner sympathy with "poor me, poor me". Grow up. If your husband had any balls at all, he would have gotten the TV from the person who took it in front of you.


MWAH HA HA HA!! That was my evil laugh.

Because, as everyone knows, people with a differing opinion are EVIL!!! I find it interesting that there are 417 complaints on this site so Narc is able to conclude that Target is horrible and they have atrocious customer service. There are 417 complaints that date back to 2007. Thousands and thousands of people shop there every day.

YES there are some employees who are jerks....BUT THAT HAPPENS EVERYWHERE!!!! Just because you pull something something out of your butt doesn't make it true!! I find it interesting that the poster stated "The store employees that were handing them out just stood there and stared and said I am so sorry ma'am. Instead of going and getting that TV and bringing it back to me they just practically said ha ha look what happened to her!" Did she apologize or laugh at you?

Grow up!

If you can't take care of yourself then don't pawn the responsibility off on someone else. I also maintain that you DON'T NEED A TV IF YOU DON'T HAVE MONEY FOR ONE!!


Dear Devilin...

Thank you for taking your time to post to this site. If you will review the postings for Target, you will see that this is common to the treatment many customers receive at Target.

I will refer your complaint to a vast network of complaintants and readers, and get the word out about your personal experience. You need to know that this happens all too frequently with the Target chain and word is starting to get out about the bad customer service they are forced to endure at Target's employees' hands. Thank you for your posting. It will help many people who were potential customers stay away from their stores.

Your complaint forewarns many customers to stay Target.

BTW: You will receive several vulgar and negative responding posts to your complaint. Please ignore these statements; they are being made by disrespectful, rude and vulgar children or potential employees of Target. Their negative statements are being seen by everyone reviewing the Target site and all agree, their critiques are mindless blather.

Please keep focused on your original purpose - to warn consumers about the treatment you received at Target. Again, thank you for your posting.


Wow really? That was 9 months ago.

Get over it. No one NEEDS a tv.

Especially if you don't have money for one. Quit whining!

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