My complaint is rather neutral, I've worked in retail for years so I know no one is perfect and we just have to be careful about where and what we say on the sales floor. I visited the City Line store several times and noticed the employee's conversating about the night they had, filing for full custody of a child, the fight they had with another employee to just name a few.

Instead of acknowledging me and asking, "Did I find what I needed," I'm always ignored, and never asked for assistance, but I have to hear conversations. If I can say one thing about City Line is that employee's need to be aware of the customer and leave the home life off the sales floor, save it for lunch time or off the clock!!!!

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Complaints like this make this website seem less and less credible each time I read one like this.


The best thing to do is talk to management.

I'm sure that management would talk to them.

If they are standing around talking,then they are not doing their job.

The customer comes first.


Father of Triplets,

It is not your call what they "should" and "shouldn't" be talking about.

That is their choice.

If you don't like it, handle the situation in the store where someone can do something about it. Nobody on here is gonna talk to them for you.


Putting a complaint on here is a waste of time!


If it bothers you so much, tell a manager.

Most people aren't aware of this right now, but it's seasonal employment time. If you've worked in retail you'll know this.

This means most of the people there aren't necessarily the "cream of the crop" and believe it or not the managers want to know this.

If someone has multiple complaints, they wont be kept past seasonal employment and you wont have to listen to their conversations anymore.

Either way putting the complaint on here rather than doing something productive with it is kind of a waste of time.

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