Bought a Acer notebook in November with the 79.00 2 year warranty. Gave it to my daughter for Christmas.

The space bar fell off and the screen went out. Notified them, sent it in. Got an e-mail that the parts are no longer available. I had talked to Acer and for 90.00 I could get it fixed.

Which is it? So, Target is sending me a gift card for less than I could replace the note book with out the sales tax and the warranty.

It lasted less than 2 months. I AM PISSED!!!!What to do?

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Gift Card.

Monetary Loss: $299.

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I hope Target is paying you well for all your comments.....you are obviously a *** ***. I am glad you don't work in the real world.

This is your life and you are pathetic for siding with a loser company like Target. Have a nice life, you are a mental midget.


@ Tasha

do you really have nothing better to do than be rude and tell people their children are careless? Get a *** job, seriously.


I highly doubt the return policy is a few months for a laptop, that'd be dumb for any company to do.


@NowTellMeWhatReallyHappened - the return policy on electronics is 45 days from the initial purchase. She can return the netbook if she is still within that time frame, with a receipt.


Now that sucks! I'm curious, why didn't you just take it back to the store and get a new one? The return policy is three months is it still an option to return it?

@Tasha: Your entire comment is irrelevant.

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #433044

Why are you buying things for your daughter if she is careless. Why not wait until she is more responsible and older.


..that's how the replacement plan works. They send you a gift card if they cannot fix it.

The netbook has been discontinued, so it's not an item they carry anymore. did you not read the replacement plan before you bought it?

it's not like acer makes great products anyway.. you get what you pay for lol.

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