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I purchased a bicycle at Target, got it home, drove it two blocks and the front gears would not change. I returned it to Target #200 in Torrence, Ca., well I received the worst customer service I have ever encountered at any business. The team member from the bike dept. told me all they would do was to have their bike man take a look at it and fix it. I told them I just wanted my money back. I have my receipt that showed I purchased the bike on Sept. 9, 2012., well within the 90 day return policy. The guest service Manager was very rude she said she would not give me a refund becuase I had used it for 2 blocks. The bike is in "NEW" condition. I called customer service line and received the same answer. They say that all you need is your receipt and the product to be in new condition, with I have!!

My family will never shop at Target and tell all our friends to do the same. I can go to Sears or Walmart that are just across the street. I used to like Target, not any more!! My suggestion to all who read this is to never shop at Target they do not honor their policies, it all depends on what mood they are in!!!!!!

Thanks for Nothing Target #200

Teresa Galvan

Monetary Loss: $199.

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Murfreesboro, Tennessee, United States #699560

Targets don't have 'bike guys' that have produce workers and stock workers that normally put together bikes, they normally have no idea how to actually put together a bike, much less adjust the shifters. Most companies have 50%+ profit even after the 'discounts', meaning you are complaining about a bike that cost less than $100 to build and ship from china (where even multi-thousand dollar bikes are built.

If you expect a quality product, buy a quality product from a quality store. Sure Target has great food..

but their furniture if 90+% pressboard and laptops all all B-C grade components build cheaper just to sell at Target/Walmart. But don't complain about products and services if you aren't willing to pay for quality, and intelligent people to service you.


Why did it take you over 6 weeks to return it if it broke after only 2 blocks?

Go ahead and shop at Wal-Mart.

They have a similar policy on bike returns. They don't accept them back used, for obvious reasons.

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