I bought a pack n play as a gift for my in laws on December 7th 2013. When they opened the pack n play it was missing parts and have vomit and diarrhea stains on the mattress.

I should not have to open gifts to make sure they contain all the parts and are not soiled before sending them for Christmas. This was even more upsetting because they have my 1 year old son for the week who was supposed to sleep in the pack n play. This is a huge safety issue, I should not have to worry about his sleeping on another child's bodily fluids. I tried to get the danvers ma and bridgewater NJ (where my inlaws live) to coordinate so they could exchange it.

My father in law spent over an hour in the store trying to do the exchange and they reported they had never heard from the Danvers ma location.

I am usually a huge fan of Target but this has been an extremely disturbing experience for my family.

Monetary Loss: $64.

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These are the returns they take back from the employees! try and return something even opened and they refuse you but the employees return year old stuff

to Anonymous #755234

False, the same rules apply to team members. The registers don't have some magical "forget all of the rules" button to press when team members (or stu.pid, bit.chy, entitled customers) are returning something. A-hole.

to Anonymous #755457

Well you can see they always want to blame the customers for everything. the employees use the merchandise then return it!!

Everyone knows that is who is making all the *** returns. Cashiers that get you to sign up for the credit card and get a gift card incentive this is how it works MANAGEMENT is given a pot of money to come up with some kind of game for the cashiers to play to win!!

Of course when the cashier is asked do you get any incentive to sell this they can say no because it is OFF THE BOOKS!! INSIDER SECRETS REVEALED

to Anonymous Sterling Heights, Michigan, United States #755959
LOL, great INSIDER SECRET...Do your job and get rewarded. Wow, who would have thought.

Here's another bombshell for you, car salesman get paid based on how many cars they sell and for how much.

LOL. :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll
to Anonymous #756294

employees get extra incentives to get the red card applications. management SETS up standards you need to get one red card a shift if you do not NEXT WEEK you will not get hours.

Now due to holiday time they want 3 RED CARD applications a shift! gotta love seasonal help taking the hours

to Anonymous Roissy-En-France, Ile-De-France, France #755534

That person who posted before you has a grudge against Target because they did not get their way.

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