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I am attempting to pay all my bills off entirely and increase my credit scores. I had received some extra funds of which I paid half of my existing bill off because I know if someone owes less than half their high credit and pays their bills on time their credit score improves.

Two weeks after paying my enitre balance down below half Target lowered my high credit to just about what I still owed. By making the large payment it did nothing at all to help me increase my credit score. I did not file bankruptcy like most people do to avoid having to pay their creditors.

My husband passed away and because my monthly income from him was not coming in I struggled but always paid my debts to everyone each month just not the usual amounts as when he was alive and helping financially. Shame on Target for trying to keep someone for bettering themselves in the credit world.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Credit Card.

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Banks need more GOVERMENT intervention. They should have to have standards for giving credit and taking it away.

If they gave you this credit line in order to take it away they need to prove you did something WRONG!!

But less face it that will never happen the RICH GET RICHER AND the POOR get credit TAKEN AWAY!!

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