At 68 years old WHY am I even being asked for I.D. to purchased video games.???

THAT has to be the most stupiest thing Ive ever seen a company do??? Will someone PLEASE explain this to me??? It does NOT make any sense to me in any shape or form!! Talk about *** rules.

I can fight for my country in a foreign war, get shot at, and upon returning to the USA I CANNOT purchase a video game from TARGET as I need my I.D.??? What *** sits in the main office and comes up with lame brain idea,a foreigner, that TARGET has hired???

Monetary Loss: $39.

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What an ignorant complaint from a sad, spiteful individual.

Show your I.D. and stop crying or don't shop there.

You're 68 years old. It's time to get over yourself already.


I buy my video games at Gamestop, they never ask for ID or anything.


Any item at Target that has an age restriction (video games, alcohol, canned air, fireworks..) REQUIRES an ID whether you are 18 or 100... The reason is is that Target removed the option of "Guest Looks Over 35" from their computer system.

This is so that no matter what - no one accidently sells a minor something illegal.

So...just get you license out of your wallet and hand it over. NOT a big deal.


I work at a store with a similar policy regarding video games and I just make light of it. I can tell you that the ladies love when you say you need to verify that they are old enought to make the purchase.


EVERY purchase at Target that has age restrictions must either have an I.D. swiped, or an override by a manager.

Why is it the older you get, the more that getting asked for your I.D.

throws you into a paranoid rage? It really isn't that big of a deal.

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