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Got to register , self check out, second time this has happened in this store. Firsr i have a gift card, No one willing to help as to why my gift card does not work $25...my mother in law purchased can not ise according to them!!

(She is a bank CEO in Tampa Fl) tonight 2/9/18 had an online coupon that said "sorry having some trouble at this time" I asked for assistance.. all i got was rude looks and huffs and puffs! Most unprofessional clerks ever, yea there were three!! I realize it was right at close, but totaly uncalled for attitudes.

I was checking out. Before closing Sitting in parking lot writing this!

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Gift Card.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Why didn't you just call the number on the back of the card to see how much was left on it??? If there's nothing left on it, the cashier's can't just give you a new gift card!

to Rosalyn #1466287

Really, the gift card had a receipt from where it was bought and never used. Thanks for your brilliant assumption.


What is the relevancy of your mother being a bank CEO regarding your complaint?

She could be a teacher, a dentist, an administrative assistant, a nurse, and so on, and the same problem, which caused you to complain in the first place, would still have happened.

to Anonymous #1431119

The relevance is she paid for a product, that would not be honored! What is your relevance in responding!

to Anonymous #1431197

That has nothing to do with your mother's job title as a bank CEO.

to Anonymous #1431199

Anyone can respond to any complaint on this website.

Did you mention your mother's job title as a CEO so that you would get the answer your want as well as a faster reply from Target?

to Anonymous #1431292

Honestly anonymous! I don't know why I made that point ..the point is can not use gift card , because Target employee will not help to honor it or respect their clientele!! So who are you and what is your point in responding!

to Anonymous #1466104

When people give more information than what is asked for, especially irrelevant information, it is a sign that what they are saying is false. I worked at a police station before & this is one of the things they train us to look out for.

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