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Got to register , self check out, second time this has happened in this store.Firsr i have a gift card, No one willing to help as to why my gift card does not work $25...my mother in law purchased can not ise according to them!!

(She is a bank CEO in Tampa Fl) tonight 2/9/18 had an online coupon that said "sorry having some trouble at this time" I asked for assistance.. all i got was rude looks and huffs and puffs! Most unprofessional clerks ever, yea there were three!! I realize it was right at close, but totaly uncalled for attitudes.

I was checking out.Before closing Sitting in parking lot writing this!


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What is the relevancy of your mother being a bank CEO regarding your complaint?

She could be a teacher, a dentist, an administrative assistant, a nurse, and so on, and the same problem, which caused you to complain in the first place, would still have happened.

to Anonymous #1431119

The relevance is she paid for a product, that would not be honored! What is your relevance in responding!

to Anonymous #1431197

That has nothing to do with your mother's job title as a bank CEO.

to Anonymous #1431199

Anyone can respond to any complaint on this website.

Did you mention your mother's job title as a CEO so that you would get the answer your want as well as a faster reply from Target?

to Anonymous #1431292

Honestly anonymous! I don't know why I made that point ..the point is can not use gift card , because Target employee will not help to honor it or respect their clientele!! So who are you and what is your point in responding!

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