I was at Target at east town today (11/24/2018) and as I was leaving I witnessed a lady from what I could tell was part of management tell a senior citizen that no one in the store would be able to help him get the items on his list that would be something he would have to call ahead and schedule. now this gentleman was in one of the stores motorized carts and looked like it was hard for him to get around.

I would assume if you can pay your employees twelve dollars hour you can find someone to help him.

I seen at least 2-3 employees through out the store while I was shopping that would have had time to help him. Sincerely,

up set customer

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Trust me, he was faking anyway.


Target is a self service discount store. They don't have personal shoppers. If you can't get around the store order on line.


What were the items and how could he carry anything he couldn't handle himself in a cart ? It would be easier for everyone involved (especially the shopper) if a call ahead service was available for compromised customers.

Quit trying to play the story backwards and thank the store for offering such a helpful service. The workers on duty can't always drop what they're doing as a group to focus on one guy.

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