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So here is my story: I drove into the parking space at target. There was a man standing behind his car which was backed in to the space next to mine.

He had 2 little girls with him. I would not have pulled in if I had seen him. His SUV was much bigger than mine. When he emerged, I apologized.

He opened the door to his car and trapped me in my car for a good 10 minutes. When he finally shut the door, I got out and he screamed at me. My statement to him was that when someone apologizes he should be gracious and accept that apology. Continued to scream and rave.

I went into the store and he vandalized my car. Called police. Report taken. Target traced his transaction but refused to give a name without a subpoena.

Got the subpoena, Target served 1/2/2015- incident happened November 10th. Target refused to comply with said subpoena. Called the Guest Relations. Too bad so sad can't help you- Hung up in my face.

Now my car is rusting, damage much more than $700 and they refuse to help. REFUSE, not their problem, above the law, don't have to comply with the subpoena. I probably spend $5000 a year at target with pharmacy and grocery. That ended yesterday.

I will NEVER set foot in a Target again. Not one ounce of compassion. Send me a reply on facebook, email me the problem but remove the post before I can do so. Pass the Buck to CT systems which is their "security" company but state they have no number for them and no way to contact them, don't even know where they are located.

And this is a multimillion dollar company. Seriously. A total joke.

No wonder the shelves are empty for days at the store. No regard for customers.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Orange, California, United States #973315

Your whole lecturing him about accepting your apology is just silly. What if you harmed or killed one of his daughters because of your careless driving.

Is saying sorry going to bring them back. Should he accept your apology then.

Grow up, you were at fault.

Orange, California, United States #973311

They don't have to pay for damages and perhaps you caused the damages yourself? You are a careless driver.

They don't have to provide information to you. They have to protect him and his children, especially from a nutter like yourself.


I'm sorry, but I don't understand. Maybe I missed something but what were you apologizing to him for?

You pulled in beside him and he was behind his vehicle?

I don't know why you would apologize. Did you almost hit him or something?


Target doesn't care about the well being of their customers. They are only out to take as much money from everyone that walks through their doors as they can.

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #973312

If she were driving carefully the man would not have reacted that way. The fact that they are withholding info about him to this psychopath that posted this review shows they do have some care about safety of customers.

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