I decided last minute to buy my wife an Ipad for Valentine's Day and so I stopped by the local Target on my way home from work and they were out of the model I wanted. So, they called around and found one at a store two cities away.

He gave that store my name and they said they would hold it for 24 hours. I went directly to the store and they had no models and no record of my name or the phone call from the other store.

I finally went to Best Buy. No more Target shopping.

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Pissed Target Cashier

Just as I suspected.

Taylorsville, Kentucky, United States #250865

I got a call from Target about when I was going get the model I wanted, apparent I was misunderstood and I went to the wrong Target. I was rushed that day and did not pay attention to what the other employee was saying. Only when I got a call from the other store saying they would have to put my model back yesterday did I realise I drove to the wrong target, now I have a vague memory of him telling me to go to that target no wonder they did not have my name on file I went to the wrong Target.

Pissed Target Cashier

Ever consider the possibility that your Target mistakenly called or sent you to the wrong Target store? No, I guess not.


Good. No more Target shopping means no more Target complaints.

I look forward to reading your Best Buy complaints.

Maybe you shouldn't have waited until the last minute.

Stores shouldn't hold items anyway. If I went to buy an Ipad and found out they only have one left and they're holding it for some douche, I would be writing this complaint and not you.

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