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I am a long term user on UP&UP products. Recently, I noticed the paper quality on the paper towel is going down.

The paper is much thinner, so it breaks when I try to make the half size style. Since the price is not cheaper, I think Target should not drop their quality like this. Otherwise, I will have to go for other brands soon. This is not a single incident I have noticed.

A while ago, I'd already seen the worse quality on their toilet paper. I did change to Charmin brand afterward. Now even the paper towel quality is going down.

If Target is trying to build their UP&UP brand, they should maintain the quality as usual. Otherwise, we will go back to other brand names as before.

Product or Service Mentioned: Up And Up Towel.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

I liked: Variety.

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I have to agree. Some of their products I have stopped purchasing, but I still buy the items that are acceptable (to me).


Why are you still shopping at Target after what they did to normal people lately, ie., making the abnormal into the new normal? Best to avoid Target like the plague if you value your safety and that of those you care about.

to rollo2016 #1152653

Bigots are soon to be out of places to boycott. Not working out too well, thankfully.

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