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I have a complaint about the employees at the Rogers Ar. Target Store.

Everytime I go into that store, I always see about 4 or 5 Target employees sitting in the cafe area. They should not be allowed to sit in that area because it looks very unprofessional, especially when the store is busy.

In fact, I walked by them and they were talking about NCIS. I absolutely hate that show and the last think I want to hear from Target employees is them talking about this awful show while I'm forced to listen to their conversation.

And they are taking seating away from PAYING TARGET CUSTOMERS. If a Target employee is on their break, they need to stay in the back of the store out of sight of the customers.

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MsLea, if these "fake people" need to get reported then so do you for your insane complaints. besides, you can't report anyone because the administrators won't understand you. you'll probably send them one of your simple minded replies like "people are being mean" or "there's fake people that are not from Springdale, AR" or "my husband works at Walmart Home Office" or "Wendy's took 5 whole minutes with my 10 burgers"


Good luck getting them to do anything with your report princesslea. I have only gotten one reply out of the moderators and that was to confirm that Mrslea and blackdontcrack have the same IP address. Meaning they are the same person.


This fake post using my username will be reported. I am sick and tired of this.


"There's an employee eating area just for employees. They need to stop taking seating away from the customers to pay their paychecks."

Yes and when they PAY for their meal they are also a customer, so they should be allowed to sit in the customer eating area. Not to mention when an employee buys an item from Target they're paying their own paycheck.

We should have a terrible customer section to put people like you in to stop taking away from the customers I'd like to deal with.

Seriously... stop trying to excuse your horrible attitude. There's no reason to be such a bitter person.


This complaint is real! Stop trying to say that I am making the whole thing up.

It it makes Target employees look lazy if they are all lounging around the cafe' area talking loudly.

I ain't saying they can't eat from the cafe', just take it in the back.

There's an employee eating area just for employees. They need to stop taking seating away from the customers to pay their paychecks.


Wow! I work at Target, it's ignorant customers like you that make me want to shoot myself in the brain.

You think you deserve the world just because you're shopping at our store.

No, you aren't the most important thing in the world. You need to calm yourself.


everyone, MsLea does only live in Springdale, AR. she lives alone and spends all of her time on the internet while eating fast food.


Esmeralda, the OP is not real. It is a person making a false post using my username and pretending to be me.


Target Employees are people, just like you and the company isn't going to dictate to the employees where they can and cannot take breaks. If you have a problem with employees taking mandated breaks, then perhaps you need to notify the labor board yourself. That ior don't shop there.


lol at another false post with someone using my username and people actually believing the post. I haven't been to Target in awhile now and I do not listen in other people's conversations.

I have watched NCIS and I do not mind the show.

Notice the location the person is posting from. Look at their posting history and you will see that every single one of their posts come from BERLIN, GERMANY. Even if the computer does sometime mess up the location, it doesn't do it every single time.

My location always says SPRINGDALE, ARKANSAS. That is where I live.

Oh great another \"I am better than everyone\" customer.\" What else is new. :roll

You have got to be kidding me.

First and foremost, Target employees are no lower than you. They can sit wherever they want on their break, just as you can go wherever you want when you shop.

In fact, if these employees bought something from the Target Cafe, how are they any different from you? They, too, are paying customers. Their money is equally valuable to the store.

And "they need to stay in the back of the store out of sight of the customers"? What in the world is wrong with you! My lord I mean, really? What you can't look at them if they aren't going to go fetch you something?

Finally, you're complaining about them talking about a show you don't like? Do you think everyone needs to alter their conversations based on YOUR tastes?

It's not just customers, but people like you, that make me absolutely sick. I honestly hope you never shop at Target again.


Man, it's people like you with that inflated sense of entitlement that I just loathe. Yeah, apparently the team members aren't allowed breaks, I guess?

They are allowed to sit in the cafe, too! Take your snooty entitled self elsewhere, where there are people like you.


Well this is what the site was intended for.


MsLea complaining yet again, what else is new?


I notice that the same people writing reviews and posting replies. I think you guys have to much time at the retirment home.

Get a new hobby. Life is too short.


they are people too , if customers wanted to sit there or it was full I'm sure they would move..were they hurting anyone? were they plotting to bomb the building? you have your back up is because they were talking about NCIS and the fact you hate the show , ..lighten up there's more important things to worry about


Maybe they were visiting someone who didn't work at the store or maybe they were waiting for food or something from the cafe. Give these people a break, after all, if it weren't for them, perhaps there wouldn't be a target for you to shop at.


Expecting1/Lea - If you want to be left alone, stay at home, disconnect your internet, and leave your janitor husband alone.


With customers such as yourself and anonymous from Ocean Springs they would be more than willing to sit in their break room. You guys think the world revolves around you and they should help you while on break, even though you are fully aware they are not required to by law.

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