I had an issue with an order I had placed online. I had called customer service online and was easily dismissed of the matter because I had made a mistake on my order and I wasn't allowed to fix it. I basically was denied of receiving a copy of my receipt due to an email error. I was AT LEAST given my Order number so i was able to still pick up my item in-store.

Upon picking up my order at the store, I was given a damaged product (which is valued $300.00) I kindly asked if it was possible to switch it out for a new one because paying for an expensive item, it is obvious no one would want a product that has obviously been dropped several times. I was denied because it would have caused a bar code issue if i were to return the item. THIS IS WHERE THE HEADACHE BEGAN. The first girl who helped me didn't understand what I wanted to do, the second girl who walked on by gave me an attitude that I would have to cancel the entire item and repurchase it. Couldn't they just do a switch? She did her best in explaining how there's no possible way to do this. Extremely frustrated I had called the Online Customer Service Target.com and spoke about the situation. I surprisingly received an apology from the member i spoke with because they simply did NOT know how to do the switch and didn't follow procedure of contacting their supervisor or manager for help with this type of transaction.

I was told I still didn't need the emailed receipt for the return from the Online Customer Service member I spoke with on the phone. Instead i was instructed to go back to the store and ask again for the replacement without the cancellation, if they didn't comply i was told to use the provided red phone to call so THEY could instruct them on how to do it if a manager/supervisor was not available.

back at the store, the first girl gave me a dirty look and walked away to the back while I waited 5 minutes for someone else to come out to help me. I had told the new member that helped me what had happened and what to do, but she instantly rejected what I had to say, did NOT even contact a manager/supervisor when i requested to speak with one more than once, and kept hesitating to call customer service for the exchange.

Once she finally did after an hour of waiting I was completely frustrated with how unprofessional the service was and how unmindful they were of how to do a normal procedure that ANY OTHER STORE can do in a matter of minutes. I was told from that extremely long phonecall that I still had to cancel the transaction and be refunded, and redo everything online. I ended up cancelling the transaction because having wait that long and explain myself to more than 3 Target members just for a simple exchange was incredibly upsetting. After speaking with the Online Customer Service Rep who instructed me to go back to the store to do the exchange without the cancellation I just felt super confused about what I had to do to just get this simple thing done. Maybe Target should really consider training their employees better at handling situations more professionally and how to do special type of transactions. At this point I've decided to not purchase anything else from that store or online. Customer Service is not worth dealing with if you have an issue.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Manager.

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