We went to Target store for Black Friday sale on Thanksgiving evening. We arrived @ 6:30pm & waited outside in the cold. At 7:15pm. an employee came out & said all 50"TV tickets were handed out. We are very upset about this situation & we will not patronize your business again. We were close to the front of the line, can't believe all 50 tickets went so quickly. We can't believe all 50 people in front of us were waiting for this item.

We & about 10 other people left immediately after finding out the TV's were out.

Thank you & good bye from a long time customer.

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What difference does it make it is obvious that you are six years old and would not be able to take it home. It would be too heavy to carry.

If the price was good then yeah the people in front of you are the ones to get it first. You will not be missed.

How is it their fault you did not go in time to be the first 50. If you are not the age you are acting grow up and act your age.

London, England, United Kingdom #752058


You are thinking of Christmas.


:cry :cry :cry I love pissedconsumer :cry :cry :cry


Just think of those poor employees that had to get up in the early hours leave their families after a nice meal and a hard 364 days of work just so they could sell the items to crazy shoppers who don't care if they trample each other to get a toy that will be on sale next week as well. Back Friday is a money making production.

Got you all baited and hooked.

Gonna reel you all in. Yes I can see if yo really have your eye one something particular but overall it's crazy!


Jesus...It's Black Friday!!! You aren't guaranteed anything!!!

If you want to wait in line for hours like everyone else who thinks their time is worth nothing you run the risk of not getting your item.

Stop crying about it.


How many employees got the tv even before the tickets were handed out to customer. hide stuff in the back until it is 70% off before they buy it. also the extra 10% they get with every redcard purchase makes it great for RESELLING.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #749862

If you are out on any evening, in the cold, in front of a Target store....hoping for freebie TV tickets......you have more issues than just being out a coupon. But on the bright side I was impressed you could even do the math. BTW - Target will not miss you.....

West Palm Beach, Florida, United States #749855

go to church for Jesus's birthday!!!


Not everyone that uses simple logic are being paid to post comments anonymous grow up and stop suing that excuse and tell us why you have to seem to have a grudge against Target. I get it you are working for Walmart and the waltons are paying you to bash their competition.


Lots of employees of TARGET on pissedconsumer. They got a part of Greg's bonus to post online he gets millions they get pennies but it still motivates them to CALL OTHER NAMES.



So go to Wal-Mart and get trampled.

Seattle, Washington, United States #749745

Get a life, quit whining.


They are called "loss leader ads". Each and every store (all of them, not just Target) only has a very limited quantity in stock and they are usually old/discontinued items. The only possible way to get those big ticket items is to be first or second in line.


They only have so many at each store duh! Could have only had 5.

It's to get you to the store and possibly buy something else while you are there.

Apparently you don't get the concept of Not Everyone will get one. Target is a business, not a handout.


So quit your whining,there were 50 people in front of you,what do you expect!Target is not at fault,there sre only a limited amount of tickets per each store.Same thing happened to me at Best Buy a few years ago...that's life ,get over it!

Sterling Heights, Michigan, United States #749595

This makes me happy. Shame on you for shopping on Thanksgiving.

Toeroekbalint, Pest, Hungary #749417

Hey it is Thanksgiving sale time, this is not the first review today with someone throwing a temper tantrum because they were not the first 50 or so in line, there are people throwing temper tantrums because they did not get their sale item at Walmart, Best Buy ect.

Eau Claire, Wisconsin, United States #749409

Entitlement at it's finest! Seriously get over yourself.

Target is in business to make money.

They can only have so much of an item to be profitable. The problem is your lack of understanding not Target.


Maybe if you went earlier like everyone else. It is first come who gets the tickets first.

NO need to throw a temper tantrum because you did not get there fast enough. Yeah if the sale price was good then they were waiting for the same product.

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