I used to work at Target and the managers fired me. I was fired because I stole a few things which is against policy.

Well others broke policy too, they came in late, they forgot to punch in for their break and were paid for it. They left work early and they are still working at Target. All they got is a warning and some have even more than one warning. The only reason they fired me is because I am black.

This is the first time I broke policy while others have several times come in late and left early. They don't like me because I am black and they hate black people. We both broke policy so why are we not treated equally.

The only thing I can think up is because I am black. Otherwise these other people would have been fired as well.

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Anonymous, Canada:
Have you heard anything from IHateStupidCustomers or JediKnightEthan yet? :grin
You sound so similiar; I'm sure you have a lot in common!
You ARE aborted waste!! :p
This all sound SO familiar!!!!!


You should have been aborted

You sound JUST like IHateStupidCustomers and JediKnightEthan! :p :p
You should "contact" them.

You have SOOO much in common! :p

you got fired because you stole something, period! as far as the other things in that store, they have issues that need to be fixed. you were fired for stealing,nothing else.


Stealing was wrong but getting caught was dumb.


you stole, coming in late is one thing, i used to work for a target coming in late is forgivable, but stealing is an immediate termination...ANYWHERE, stealing isn't just against a store policy its also illegal and you're *** lucky they didn't prosecute




This probably wasn't your first time stealing as an employees...just your first time getting caught.

Come on now brutha, you done gone an stole sumthan, whad youse expects? :x
Linhai, Zhejiang, China #446216

If you got caught stealing wtf is wrong with you for thinking they should keep u?? You make the smart black theifs look *** because of your knuckle head comments.

Isfield, England, United Kingdom #446212

correction DUMB ***... They "hired" you because your "BLACK" and then "fired" you because your a "black thief". What a *** you are.

Stonewall, North Carolina, United States #446200

I worked for Target in Loss Prevention for over three years. When you are caught stealing something there is an immediate loss of trust.

You poisoned the well my friend and that is why you were fired, not because you are black. The other offenses by Team Members that you mentioned are HR issues and are addressed by the coaching process.

But a thief??? Adios!

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #445367

Guys do not bash this person. I know how you feel. I have two friends both committed a crime and one got a much harsher sentence than the other.

Friend A stole a chocolate bar that was worth 59 cents from Walmart. He got what we call a slap on the wrist.

Friend B was feeling down and depressed and decided to blow up a building. He killed 35 people. He is now on death row. Both committed crimes but one is being punished more harsh.


um.. stealing is a much bigger offense than being late or not punching in/out at the right times. that's probably why you got fired.


The amusing part is that you seem to be under the impression you will garner some sympathy here. Think again.

I worked in retail for 17 yrs, much of it in management, and ANYONE who was caught stealing would be immediately fired! If you think being late for work and stealing are the same you are an ***.


Gawd, I'm getting sooooooooooooooooooo sick and tired of people playing the race card. KNOCK IT OFF ALREADY.

My Lord, you STOLE from the store you ungrateful pos. I wouldn't hire you for anything.

Try living a decent life without stealing and stop blaming other with dumb reasons because you were fired for a serious offense. Know what? They could have and should have arrested you and I don't know why they didn't but you should shut it and consider yourself lucky.

Now get out there and TRY to find another job and if you do, don't steal from them. And the race card thing?

Getting really old man.

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #443541

On your reply to another complaint you were not fired because you are black. You were fired because you stole from your company which is a more serious offense than coming in late.

Some times people cannot help coming in late. There are traffic jams, they slept in these are are things beyond their control. Yeah sometimes people do forget to punch in for their breaks and get paid for it, that is all an accident. You made the choice to steal and you were fully aware of what you were doing.

There are some incidents that are more serious offenses than others and theft is one of them. If you committed a crime and killed someone in cold blood you would get a tougher penalty than someone who ran a red light. Skin color does not have a thing to do with this. If they hated you because you are black they would never have hired you in the first place.

They hired you because they liked you, because you presented yourself nicely in your interview.

They fired you because you stole from them. Your being hired or fired has nothing to do with your skin color.

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