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Bought a tv on 1/12/12 with the assurance of a price guarantee. Found same model at Best Buy running a 2 day price cut 1/15-1/16 for $50.

less. Target would not allow a price match even with the web print out! Co. service told me that all I could do was to return the (still unopened) tv for a refund.

Horrible and unethical. I'm very surprised. If price matching has such strict exclusions then it should be noted in the dept.

I was told one thing and the result is I am out a big amount of money for believing in the store. I will NEVER buy from Target again and will continue to write and blog their cheating policy to my heart's content.

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Where was the unethical part?


Simon, if you don't want to get into it with me again, why did you direct comments to me? :x

I am amused that you know that 99.99% of customers are satisfied with Target and Wal-Marts. That's pretty amazing that you have your finger on the pulse of 99.99% of shoppers! :eek

I am moving on FOR A LITTLE WHILE. I won't be able to be around a computer for a while, but have no doubts, I WILL BE MOVING BACK. My mission to warn people about Target hasn't even begun in earnest yet!!! :zzz :zzz

I will be back soon and believe me, you ain't seen nothing yet! :grin :grin :p :p


Anonymous, I'm not going to get into it with you again. I have shopped at Target and Wal-Mart for years and have never had a problem.

The 2 returns I've had in 20 years of shopping in those stores went smooth and I was treated respectfully. You have probably shopped at Target for years and for the first time in your life, something didn't go your way and you're sore about it. Fine. I'm not going to try to convince you that you're crazy because that is already beyond doubt.

Just realize that 99.99% of Target's and Wal-Marts customers are perfectly happy shopping in those stores. Move on.


Nunsa - I hope that the information given by anonymous is correct and that you can find a resolution to your problem at Target.

I stronly suggest that you try to comply with their ridiculous demands and see if anonymous' suggestions work.

I personally have absolutely NO faith that they will help you, but one never knows if someone in their store has a flicker of humanity!

If Target persists on keeping your money, then keep up the good work and persist yourself in warning people not to fool with such an unreputable company!! :( :(


Target does not match online print outs. It is not that difficult to understand.

You said they were more than willing to take the tv back, so do that. Or if you are that determined to buy the tv from Target, bring them a real BestBuy ad and they will price match it.


If you are looking for an apology for my statements, I have a suggestion for you. Hang in there and see how long that will take. I could care less about what you think about my statements.

My life is full and complete, thank you. I manage to make time in my life to let the victims of Target know how despicable Target's practices are. What you think of me, my time or my opinion means a hill of shi* to me. I personally think all of the counter opinions posted on these sites are put here by employees of pissedconsumer. You think any of your opinions' trump mine? Seriously, it is you that needs to get a life AND some help because here in the real world of people taking our money, we do become very determined to sound the alarm. All you do is draw a paycheck for name calling and it means absolutely nothing to us victims!!!!!!

Since this company takes advantage of its customers on a routine basis, then, yes, I certainly do hope they go out of business. Complaints have been made enumerable times to their corporate headquarters and the people sitting in their ivory towers can't be concerned about what is happening in their stores, so long as a profit is being made. I personally think Target has no concern for their employees either. And no, I don't want to see anyone laid off anymore than I want people to be ripped off at a retail business. If they stop enforcing policies that put paying customers at an extreme disadvantage, then perhaps they would be a good company to have in the community and for people to work at.

BUT, Pipe dreams don't fix problems any more than your insults do. Changes need to come from the top people at Target. If not, they need to get out of the market. We have a free enterprise system in our country and another company would be happy to slip into fifth place in discount stores sales, and let Target go the way of Woolworths and all the other dinosaurs that couldn't adapt.

:p :p :p :p :p

If you are not happy with my mission, *** IT, ASSH*LE. You simply don't matter to me! :(


"(I hope) they go completely out of business!!!!! "

So you are rooting for 350,000 people to lose their jobs when unemployment is as high as it is already?

And that would give you some kind of sick satisfaction? Get help.


"My mission is to warn everyone that they are going to get ripped off by Target. I have been doing so for many years...."

Wow, you must have a very fulfilling life.


What is so hard to understand, people? They DO NOT PRICE MATCH WITH ONLINE PRINT OUTS!

The only way to do a price match is with a printed copy of the flier (like you get in the newspaper every week), you must have it with you at the time of purchase, and it must be for the current sale week (sunday to saturday.) You could have easily asked a team member or the guest service desk what the price match policy is.

It is even printed on some of the overhead banners on endcaps. So please, continue to blog about their "cheating policy" ~ it's not anyone's fault but your own.


Nunsa - welcome to the club!! There are so many of us who have been cheated out of our money and it is starting to become more and more obvious to those of us on the losing end of their deceptful practices.

Please pass the word on to as many people as you can about your experiences. Please pull up Target on the search box and see what they have done to many, many other people. Once a mistake is made at Target, you will eat it. Once they have your money, it's gone and all you get for your trouble is an arrow sticking out of your but* where Target shoots it!

That's all you will ever get there because there is no such thing as customer satisfaction at that business. Please let everyone know and do what I do, NEVER get tired of letting anyone know how you were treated. My mission is to warn everyone that they are going to get ripped off by Target.

I have been doing so for many years and plan to continue until there are some positive changes, or until (I hope) they go completely out of business!!!!! :grin

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