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I Bought a bra from Target(I think it was over 90 days but I am not sure of the date)for a family member and the underwire inside of the bra broke in half and through the material. It creatied a knife like edge, which then poked the skin and created a rash.

I had to bandage the skin area and put on some antibiotic ointment, thank God there was not an infection.

Called customer service and was told that it was over 90 days and they gave me a bogus number for the manufacturer. What can I do??

Monetary Loss: $14.

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Sorry you had a problem Target is pretty strict with the 90 day return policy. It is a good idea to purchase using your Target RED Card because they can track your purchases and you get 5% off.



90 days is plenty of time for you to inspect the bra and see if there's any issues. You're just trying to find a reason to sue someone because after wearing it for a while, your bra broke. Bras break, get over it and shop at Victoria secrets next time if you don't like it.

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find somebody who can sew that can fix the problem, and quit whining. 90 days is plenty of time.


Could it be the bra itself that's the problem? Bras need to rotated regularly, a different bra every two days or so.

I buy upscale/expensive bras and they do this sometimes if they're not rotated out with another bra.

Life span of a good bra is generally 2-6 months. After that they're not doing their job!

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